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Wine Deal of the Year at #1 Wine Bar Palm Beach: $5 Rose’ at The Vault at the West Palm Brewery


Do you love great wineand live in Palm Beach County or visit here for work, golf, fishing or vacation?  Well, here a deal that you won’t find anywhere else but the #1 wine bar in Palm Beach, which is, seriously, at a brewery.   Here’s why premium wine matters at this brewery. 

  • #1 Wine Bar Palm Beach.   Sick of high prices for great wine?   Smart wine lovers know that you do NOT have to overpay for delicious wine in Palm Beach.  IF you know where the local wine enthusiasts go.    After all, there is no fashion in over-paying.   The Vault at the West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault has a deal for you !     $5 glasses of Rose’ from California.  Served at the perfect temperature, 55 degrees. 

Why Premium Wine Matters at This Brewery

  • Premium Wine at West Palm Beach Brewery.   Are you a wine lover who enjoys a great glass of wine? Perhaps a crisp Sauvignon Blanc or tasty Chardonnay from the Sta Rita Hills or Sonoma or Carneros?  Maybe you want a big Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa? Or big reds and blends from Oakville, Howell Mountain, Calistoga, Rutherford?  How about big unapologetic red wines from Napa? Or, perhaps, more complex, simply stunning Pinot Noirs?  Then you  need to check out The Vault at the #1 wine bar Palm Beach.
  • The Vault at West Palm Beach Brewery.  The owner of the West Palm Beach Brewery is really a wine guy. “Back in 2015, I decided not to plant a vineyard.  Then, the idea of an upscale craft brewery in the downtown hit me.  And I knew that I would offer premium and ultra-premium wine from specific AVAs at my brewery” says John Pankauski.   ”  It takes 5 years for a vine to yield grapes at the levels you want.  It takes 2-4 weeks to make an ale.”  But, Pankauski insists, the wine offered at The Vault is not some mass produced alternative to those who don’t want his nationally acclaimed, award winning craft beer.“I knew from day 1 that there were 2 components to a successful craft brewery that were needed in Florida.  Really good food, even if the menu is short.  And great wine.”  So, Pankauski had his contractor and architect do an about face within months of opening: he ordered them to design and create a small wood fire kitchen, and a Napa Valley-style wine tasting room.  His wine tasting room at the brewery is wine bar + wine retail store. How good is the wine?  Pankauski has the bona fides to backup what’s there.   “My personal collection is over 5,000 bottles and I’ve been collecting and purchasing at auction for over 20 years. So, anything with my name on it is going to be premium wine.  And ultra premium.  I select particular varietals and vintages.  In most cases, I choose very select blocks and rows in particular vineyards.  The process takes longer, but the quality is in the glass.”  
  • Wine on Tap. Indeed, the reviews on Yelp, http://www.yelp.comGoogle http://www.google.comand Facebook praise the food (yes, this brewery has upmarket food, although a very limited menu); and, of course, great craft beer.  But the fans and patrons love the wine.  “We sold out of 90 cases of our 2017 Rose from Santa Barbara in 6 months. So, we just got more, this time on tap.”   Everyone is very excited about Pankauski’s  wine on tap program which he boasts is the finest in Florida for its “pass the savings on to the consumer” prices, and, more so, the quality.  “Never has there been such quality wine on tap.  Since I don’t have to pay for bottles, corks, capsules, labels or tins, and my distribution costs are lower, I can pass the savings on to the consumer.”  The 2017 California Rose is European in style and is $5 a glass.  A bargain !  It is NOT a syrupy sweet wine.  Pair it with the fine food  https://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-food/ at the brewery restaurant such as the Mama’s Meatballs, a pretzel with cheese/beer dip or Nico’s calzone.  This #1 wine bar Palm Beach offers over 30 select wines, https://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-wines/vineyard direct with more to be released over the next 12 months.  Many are still resting gently in barrel or bottle, patiently waiting to pounce on consumers’ palates.   The wine on tap program at the brewery will feature wines for $5-$7 a glass and 1-3 “reserve” wines for $11 a glass.  They will not be for sale by bottle.  The brewery, The Vault, which is also a wine retail shop, in addition to #1 wine bar Palm Beach, offers a list of over 30 wines by the bottle.   


Oct 28, 2018