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3 brews you don’t want to miss this summer

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Everyone knows that there is a wide range of seasonal brews popping up all over the United States as summer kicks into full swing.  We’ve already missed out on some of the Limited Release and Small Batch Series brews that many old and new craft breweries have been popping onto their taps, but this is not such a big deal, as we know there are dozens more coming.

However, this made us really think about what great brews we’re looking forward to this season.  Some of these brews have yet to be released for the season and we’ve been waiting with baited breath while we count down the days.  Realizing that there are thousands of craft beer enthusiasts out there doing the same as us, we decided it was time to put together a quick list of brews that no one should miss out on this summer if they can help it.

What brews do we want to make sure to hit?

There are only three brews on our current list of “must hit it” craft brews for this summer.  Ok, that’s not entirely true.  We have dozens that we’d love to catch if we get the chance, but we realize that listing every single one would be absolutely silly, so we’re giving you our top three (at this time, anyway) in the hopes that you get a chance to enjoy them as we have done in the past.

21st Amendment Brewing – Hell or High Watermelon

First of all, the art on this brew is outstanding.  We love the label art that 21st Amendment chooses to employ on their brews as it makes them more than drinkable, but also collectible.  This brew is one that we love for the summer, as it is crisp, refreshing, and basically embodies the summer season all right there in one lovely craft beer.

Shock Top –  Lemon Shandy

Although we do not often mention the brews made by what is now AB-Inbev, this one deserves a big summer mention.  It is not only refreshing but also quite sessionable overall and the flavor goes on through the finish.  It is worth picking up a pack of these delicious brews, or even one of their mixed packs if you get the chance, as their other offerings are pretty darn tasty as well.

Big Sky Brewing Company – Summer Honey

Although you may have never heard of Big Sky Brewing before, you really have been missing out.  Their Summer Honey Seasonal Ale is highly sessionable, possessing enough aroma and flavor to keep you engaged the entire day long.  Though we don’t generally suggest full day drinking sessions, so let’s keep it to the 5 o’clock rule guys.  Also, check out Moose Drool if you get a chance.  It’s a year-round delight in a brown ale that will have you drooling, sans Moose.

Tell us about the brews you’re waiting for this season

We’d love to hear about the brews you are waiting for this season as well.  While we hope you get a chance to check out the great craft beer we have listed, we would also enjoy your take on some great brews for us to try.  Perhaps your comment will be the inspiration for our next feature post!  In the meantime, enjoy the sun and happy tasting!


Jun 19, 2017