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420 never had a more delicious meaning

Our Journey

For those that love the many delicious brews coming from Stone Brewing Company, there is an air of anticipation and dread building.  It’s well known that Stone has put out some brews over the years that have a dated lifespan.  However, this time, we’re facing that date coming closer every minute.  Their outstanding brew, Enjoy by 04.20.17 IPA, is counting down and every second counts.

If you haven’t had a chance to try this amazing brew, you really need to get your hands on it before it’s gone.  With just a few days left to enjoy this masterpiece according to the timer, you don’t want to miss out.  After all, we all lament the brews we miss and curse those moments when we really should have taken that drive instead of thinking “Oh I can just find some for trade later on”, because the truth is, there is no guarantee that those brews will ever be up for trade, especially the great brews like this one.

Stone Enjoy by 420 IPA is a great brew!Here in West Palm Beach, Florida, we’ve been working our collective tails off to get ready for our opening later this year, and this brew is one we’ve been enjoying while we work.  Well, not WHILE we work, but you know what we mean.  We’ve been splitting our time, working hard and traveling to check out great brews all over the United States, and this one is a must-have brew.

While we wish they’d keep this one around forever, we realize that simply won’t happen, so we’ve made sure to grab what we can and enjoy it while it lasts.  This will be one of those brews that we hate to see leave the scene, but we know that Stone will replace it with something just as amazing and delicious, or at least we hope so because that’s how they normally roll.

While you’re checking out this brew, make sure to grab some of their other outstanding brews as well.  You may as well make the trip worth it, right?  So grab some Stone Go-To IPA, and Ruination as well, so that you can try all three and enjoy some time comparing them with friends.  We’ve featured Go-To IPA before in another feature and we’re still in shock at how great it was.  Take a moment to read that feature and get acquainted with all of the amazing brews Stone has to offer, then get out there and go find some of them!

We hope to see everyone later this year when we open our doors to the public here in West Palm Beach, Florida because the Warehouse District has never seemed quite so interesting as it does while we watch everyone get ready for their own openings nearby.  If you’re up for a trip, make West Palm Beach your destination and we hope to see you then!


Apr 15, 2017