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Chocolate craft beers you don’t want to miss

Our Journey

With such a diverse craft beer market in the United States, we can honestly say there are a huge number of chocolate craft beers you simply don’t want to miss!  We’ve found quite a few in our travels that have been simply amazing and we’re more than happy to share some of them with our readers.  While we realize that not everyone loves chocolate beer, it’s fun to share the interesting brews we find.  After all, not all of our readers are the same right?  This has led us to gather quite an extensive list of brews that we get to feature randomly, as well as the craft breweries that produce them.

Chocolate seems to be an ingredient that is popping up in many craft beers lately.  From delicious stouts to outstanding IPAs, there is a hint of cocoa running around that seems to be infecting many of the brews we have tried.  Even if only in the aroma, this chocoholics craze has become quite the popular way to do things and we’ve compiled a list of chocolatey brews for you to check out, even if only to confirm whether or not you like chocolate beer.

Victory Brewing: Deep Cocoa (Baltic Porter)

This brew is pretty awesome if you like chocolate beer, but want to stick closer to a traditional beer as well.  It has some great bitterness to it, along with a delicious chocolate flavor on the palate.  While it’s a pretty stout brew (pun intended), it still has a porter feel to it and we loved it.  You’ll have to hit up BeerAdvocate to get it though, as there are some out there for trade.

Rogue Ales: Double Chocolate Stout

Rogue Ales is well known for their excellent craft brews and their Double Chocolate Stout is no exception to this rule.  With a finish that you’ll fall in love with and a flavor profile straight from the heavens, this brew is one you’ll certainly want to add to your collection.

Fort Collins Brewery Double Chocolate Stout

Fort Collins Brewery in Colorado has shown serious promise with their Double Chocolate Stout.  This delicious craft beer has a pretty great flavor profile and we paired it up with a rich meal of braised pork with baby spinach salad and roasted sliced garlic potatoes.  Although this combination may sound like one heck of a mix, the creamy finish of the brew paired perfectly with the meal.

Chocolate craft beers make a great addition to your collection

No matter which of these chocolate craft beers you decide to check out (we hope you try all of them), you’ll certainly find at least one that you decide to add to your collection.  We’ve tried several craft beers over time and we’ve added dozens to our list of collectible beers, as well as several to our list of “must keep around all the time” beers.  We hope to feature each of the craft beers in our list over time.

In the meantime, we’re working hard on getting everything set up for our opening in April here in West Palm Beach.  West Palm Beach Brewery will be opening up it’s doors to the public in April and we’re very excited for the day to get here.  Check back regularly for updates!


Feb 25, 2017