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5 Great Secrets at the West Palm Brewery’s Restaurant


OK, so do you know the 5 great secrets and great foods that you would not expect to find at the West Palm Brewery restaurant at 332 Evernia Street? Well, we know that craft beer lovers in Florida usually, but not always, want a bite to eat.  So, that’s why, when we were building the downtown’s first craft brewery, that we decided to put in a real restaurant and kitchen, and NOT do food trucks. Here are the 5 secrets about the restaurant at the West Palm Brewery. 


1. Wings! If you asked me a year ago if the brewery’s restaurant was going to serve wings, I would have laughed.  Truth is: the wings are one of our biggest sellers. Consistently. What makes them so good?  We are very selective about buying wings from particular vendors based on size, quality and availability. We never fry them. We don’t load them with batter or dough.  We season them, fire roast them in our over-priced, hand made, made in the USA, wood fire oven.  And then add artisanal, small batch sauces. Check out the West Palm Brewery’s Yelp reviews.https://www.yelp.com/biz/west-palm-brewery-and-wine-vault-west-palm-beach 


2. Mac and Cheese? Yes, mac ‘n cheese. We love mac and cheese at the restaurant even though mac n cheese might not be the first food or menu item you would guess is at a craft brewery in Florida.  Our fans have not asked for gator tails or mahi mahi tacos.  But they love the decadent mac n cheese, usually served with Charlie’s homemade, hand made focaccia or rosemary bread. Our brewery mac n’ cheese is typically ordered with a big glass of Napa Valley red wine from The Vault, https://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-wines/ or a dark beer like Joel’s Palm Beach Porter. Try the 2016 Drum Canyon Cellars Syrah or Red Wine, also, to go with the mac ‘n cheese. 

3. Made in Sight! Our kitchen restaurant, called The Intracoastal Kitchenhttps://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-food/ is open! Sit at the bar and watch everything made in sight! Seating is on a first come first served basis. We have 82″ HD Smart TV and lots of 65″ HD Smart TVs at the Intracoastal Kitchen and throughout the restaurant which is within walking distance of City Place, the Palm Beach County Convention Center, the new Hilton Hotel (Convention Center) and the Residence Inn. 

4. Dinner Under the Stars. Our brewery restaurant has outdoor seating at 332 Evernia Street. This means there is shade during the day. We open at 12:00 noon on Saturdays and Sundays and 4:00 pm Monday-Friday. And, at night, there is seating under the stars, outside the West Palm Brewery, where table service provides you with craft beer made right here and great food from our restaurant.  

5. Veggies at a Florida Brewery?  Yes! Fans love our fire roasted cauliflower and asparagus wrapped in prosciutto.  Our arugula salad is healthy, green, and tasty. You can add chicken for the protein to make those muscles pop! Yes, we know that a lot of you train. I personally eat the cheese plate and charcuterie plate, or ask the chef for a side of our premium, slow cooked, smoked brisket, very thinly sliced, with sauce on the side. Who’s got the best veggie Pizza in Palm Beach? Our veggie pizza is a big hit. Check out our Google and Yelp reviews please. And remember: our kitchen staff and restaurant can tweak our menu items to get you what you want. We are all about craft and artisan beer, wine and food. So let us make your Florida craft brewery experience memorable. 


May 19, 2018