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5 Reasons we love Rose

Our Journey

Rose wines are created from the “runoff” of red wines.  As much as we love red wine, we just had to try a Rose to see how great it could be.  We knew it would be good because reds are highly flavorful.  Those like Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre are perfect for creating Rose.  The big, bold flavors of these wines lend the perfect “runoff” for these wines and the results are great.  That is precisely what we found out when we tried a Rose.  It was delicious!  Now we love Rose wines and can’t wait to explain why.

Not only are these wines delicious, they make your wallet smile too.  At just $18-$25 per bottle, even from the very best runs, you won’t be mortgaging the house to enjoy a delicious wine.  If that isn’t enough to make you want to try one of these outstanding wines, we really aren’t sure what to say.  Such amazing quality for such a low price tag is not something you’re going to find every day.

We love rose wines!Pairing foods with Rose is easy!

Another great feature of these wines is how easy they are to pair with meals.  You can pair them with nearly any type of meat, which is hard to find in a wine.  They complement beef, pork, salmon, ocean fish, and even harder to pair meals such as those involving Tuna.  This makes these wines a great choice because pairing is one of the key features for any great wine.  Having such a versatile wine in the rack means that we can prepare salads without the worry of what to add to them.  Simply add some marinated pork to draw out the flavor and you’re set!

For example, we just paired one of these wines with Tuna tartare loaded with avocado and jalapenos and some sesame oil and the result was fantastic!  For a wine to perfectly complement such a varied dish is pretty outstanding and that is why we love Rose.

We love Rose because it’s also great chilled!

Many wines are best at room temperature, as chilling them ruins the flavor and texture.  However, Rose is great chilled and it does not seem to affect the flavor at all.  Naturally, we don’t want to over-chill any wine, as we actually enjoy the flavor and natural evolution of the wine in the glass, but this is certainly one of those wines that hold their flavor chilled or not.  This lends an entirely different versatility to this type of wine, as we can enjoy it in a variety of settings this way.

Although typically considered a “summer” wine, Rose is suitable for any time of the year.  After all, it’s February and we just paired it with our meal in Florida and the effect was perfect.  The wide range of versatility that these wines possess makes us love them even more, as we know we’ll be able to bring them out for a great number of events.

We hope you consider checking out Rose wines soon, as we’re sure you will enjoy them.  We love Rose and can’t wait to see others adding them to their racks.


Feb 5, 2017