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5-Star class with the 1-Star Dougie!

Our Journey

The world of craft beer is one that offers outstanding diversity.  From delicious stouts to classic pale ales, there are plenty of styles to choose from.  Here in West Palm Beach, we’ve made sure to keep our list of craft beer interesting.  Our 1-Star Dougie Pale Ale is a great example of the quality and taste that South Florida has to offer.

1-Star Dougie Pale Ale is great!Quality and Taste all in one glass of 1-Star Dougie Pale Ale

Our Chief Brewer, Joel Kodner, works hard to create the delicious brews that are offered on our tap list and we’re proud of the effort he puts into his work.  He has engineered some amazing craft beer for our patrons.  Every day another compliment passes across the bar, and for that, we are extremely grateful, as it is our patrons who truly are the final inspection team in our process.

1-Star Dougie helped to expand the selection and maintain the classic styles

One of our greatest achievements has been to hold to the classics.  Classic taste, classic style, and classic flair.  After all, what would the craft brewing industry be without the craft beer styles that started it all, right?  From Pale Ales to Hefeweizens, we offer a selection that will allow you to taste what original, classic brews are meant to taste like.  

We believe that beer should taste like, well, beer. So, you’ll see many “traditional” pours, and some smaller production interesting drafts, but you won’t see a flavor board that matches the ice cream aisle in Publix. No silliness. No plans to distribute.

The quote above is more than just an idea.  It is an ideal that we plan to stick to.  Will we offer interesting flavored brews in the future?  Of course.  After all, we like a bit of innovation as much as the next beer lover.  However, we are dedicated to those brews that started the whole craft brewing scene in the first place.  The IPAs, Hefeweizens, Stouts, Porters, and more.  Those are the core brews that made people love beer from the start.

We love meeting new people!

Be sure to stop in and see us on Evernia St. while you are in West Palm Beach.  If you’re hungry, feel free to pop over to the Intracoastal Kitchen and select a dish for Chef Andrew to expertly create for you in our wood-fired brick oven.  As a server about the brews we offer and perhaps gain a suggestion or two about pairing one with your meal!  We’re sure you won’t regret it and we can’t wait to see you!



Jan 13, 2018