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5 Things You Wouldn’t Expect from THIS Florida Craft Brewery


Have you ever visited a craft brewery and been pleasantly surprised? Not by the beer, but maybe by other things you would not expect to see? Well at the West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault in downtown West Palm Beach, this “first everdowntown brewery is taking breweries to new heights. Here’s 5 things you wouldn’t expect from a Florida craft brewery, and why this Palm Beach brewery gives patrons a unique experience.  

  1. Great food. The West Palm Brewery took a different approach to providing food and munchies at their brewery on 332 Evernia Street.  First, they don’t have food trucks.  Second, they make their food in a hand made, made-in-the-USA, $20,000 wood-fired oven. And they don’t offer fried wings, burgers or french fries. Although they have a limited menu, it’s top-notch and the Yelp and Google reviews reveal that this brewery is also a repeat restaurant destination for locals and visitors. Healthy bites include the Arugula salad, wood fire Cauliflower, and fire roasted Asparagus wrapped in Prosciutto. The wings are the biggest seller next to the gourmet, Florence-inspired pizza.  The wings are never fried; they are fire-roasted. Munchies at the brewery include an amazing Bavarian Pretzel with cheese dip and mustard dip; Meatball Sliders, the Cheese plate, and charcuterie. 
  2. Cool Restaurant. The Brewery’s restaurant is called The Intracoastal Kitchen. It’s an open kitchen seating model with poured concrete slab counter tops, surrounding the center “stage” — a custom wood-fired oven made in Sonoma County, California — a befitting addition from wine country because this brewery has great wine, too. You can sit at the restaurant kitchen bar and watch the 82″ HD Smart TV, or any number of ten other 65″ HD Smart TVs in the area. The food is cooked in sight and made-2-order.  They use local and artisanal ingredients, keeping with the “craft”, “homemade” and artisan nature of their brewery, craft beer and wine. Food service is available throughout the brewery, including outside where patrons can get some fresh air or dine and sip on beer or wine under the stars or in the shade. 
  3. No Industrial Feel. When they were designing the West Palm Brewery in 2016 and 2017, they did not want an industrial feel. Some of the south Florida breweries are located in industrial warehouses. The look of this brewery, with its 10-barrel production facility, and fermentation room, is more upscale without being snobby.  Wood grain tile adorns the walls and The Long Bar, which is the 20 tap, tap room whose back is a building-long glass wall so patrons can see the beer fermenting, and know by the signs on the tanks what craft beer is being made right now.  The West Palm Brewery is NOT a stuffy Palm Beach restaurant. But it’s not a bar or dirty warehouse. There is a feel that allows families to show up with their children and strollers on Sundays.  Business folks meet during the week, and discuss “deals” with their yellow pads out, taking notes, sipping Ales, IPAs and Porters. Lots of young couples and people on dates come out for dinner or a glass of wine. The happy hour, from 4:00-7:00 pm Monday through Friday attracts local residents, downtown workers from the office towers, and lots of visitors coming to or arriving from P.B.I., Palm Beach International Airport (about 7 minutes away) or on the Brightline. https://gobrightline.com/ (The Brightline train station West Palm Beach stop is one block away).
    Management of the brewery describes their Sundays like this:  “If you are not going to the beach and are not going to the mall, people are looking for a nicer place than a bar. If you don’t want to go to a bar, and are not looking for a Palm Beach, Michelin-rated fine dining establishment, the brewery at 332 Evernia Street fits that market or model. We are above a bar or a sports bar and below a linen napkin restaurant.  If you don’t want to go to a bar but want something cooler and more hip than a restaurant, then Sundays at the West Palm Brewery are for you.” 

  4. Deals.  Everyone loves a deal! And the West Palm Brewery does its best to give the patrons and craft beer lovers a great experience. I’m not just talking about a really great happy hour within a few blocks of the Palm Beach County Convention Center http://www.pbconventioncenter.com/ or Hilton Hotel http://www3.hilton.com/en/hotels/florida/hilton-west-palm-beach-PBIWPHH/event/index.html Ask about their tap parties, when they release new beers and give away free merchandise like custom-made, limited production t-shirts. Their Havernia Cigar Dinners are amazing, with hand-rolled cigars, custom made craft beer and big red wines, all perfectly paired with the cigars. Sundays offer free wine tours. Saturdays AND Sundays there are free brewery tours. And on Sunday, you have “All Day Rosé” where you can get a bottle of the super-popular 2017 Drum Canyon Cellars Rosé wine and a vegetable plate or cheese board for only $25. Recently, the brewery started a Singer Songwriter Series of live performances by amazing musicians, songwriters and performers. Look for Smooth Jazz Sundays with a three piece jazz band. There is even talk about creating a Comedy Night with local comedians.  (Sorry, no plans for karaoke or open mic night.) Follow the events and happenings on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wpbrewery   
  5. Great Wine.  The wine at The Vault, is premium and limited. The Vault is the West Palm Brewery’s Napa Valley-like tasting room, wine bar and wine retail shop. Pick out a wine flight, a glass or take a bottle or case home. There is never a corkage fee for wine purchased here. The variety is amazing and the prices are 20-40% less than you would pay in Napa or Sonoma wine country. Oh yes, the wine is damn good! We carry wine which is vineyard direct and in very limited production: small batches of premium wine from particular vineyards which are sold exclusively here at the brewery.  Some wines are only offered in quantities of 25 or 50 cases. Try the Spring Mountain Proprietary Blend red wine or the 2014 Drum Canyon Cellars Sta Rita Hills Pinot Noir.  Small production, big taste. So, you won’t find these amazing wines anywhere else except at the brewery. We have Big Cabernets from Napa, elegant Pinot Noir and a smattering of white wine. Look for wine pairing dinners, Futures Parties and also pre-release events for wine that are coming down the pike but won’t be released to the general public for months. Ask about our wine club and free wine tours. https://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-wines/


May 22, 2018