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5 Tips and Tricks for Storing Wine


1. Keep It Cool

As with most alcohol, heat is not your friend. The most ideal temperature for wine to be stored at is between 45-65 degrees Fahrenheit. Any time you keep wine over 70 degrees for an extended period of time, you run the risk of compromising the wines structure and even speeding up the aging process. So, if you don’t want your wine to fall apart before you’ve had the chance to enjoy it, keep that temp low.

2. Stay Consistent

When storing wine, consistency is key. Major fluctuations in temperature, wether it be hot or cold, will also lead to a compromised wine. Outside of that, a major change in temperature causes the glass to expand and contract, which can push a cork out. This can expose your wine to oxygen long before you’re ready to enjoy it.

3. Keep it Dark

Just like heat, wine is not a fan of light. Keeping your wines away from direct sunlight and even bright indoor lighting will prevent premature aging.

4. Lay It Down – Sideways

Aside from sideways wine storage being an efficient use of space, keeping your wine down on its side greatly eliminates the risk of your wine’s cork drying out. If you plan on drinking your wine within a few months of purchasing, don’t worry to much about this. Any bottle you wish to store longer than two or three months should be laid down.

5. Be Gentle

Treat your bottles with care. Don’t shake, roll or otherwise disturb the wine too much, it will only speed up the aging process and ultimate break down of the wine.

Happy Sipping!



Oct 31, 2017