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A taste of the Boulevard

Our Journey

Recently we featured Boulevard Brewing Company here in the blog, as we have a few times in the past.  We are proud of their way of brewing, their community awareness, and so many other features of their brewing company, including their brews!  Today we’d like to focus on one of their brews that we thought was really great from their Year-Round offerings.  We hope you get a chance to try this delicious masterpiece if you have not already, as we believe you’ll enjoy it just as much as we did.

Boulevard brews are great!A flagship brew that stands the test of time on the Boulevard

Pale Ale is the first brew that Boulevard ever created.  The brew gained immediate popularity and held that attention over time, making it a perennial favorite according to the company.  Why?  Perhaps it is the delicious caramel malts used that give this brew such a great flavor and lovely amber appearance.  Or maybe it has a lot to do with the great selection of Cascade hops added to the mix with its interesting notes and aroma.  No matter what the cause, this flagship brew has earned its place in the brew list and held that place long enough to be considered a worthy brew of the industry.  We loved it and we are very sure that you will as well.  We’ve included some notes on this great Boulevard beer to help you understand the brew and give you even more reasons to try it.

A few notes on Pale Ale:

  • The gorgeous amber hue of the ale is the first thing you’re going to notice, if the aroma doesn’t hit you first. You can easily see that the body of the brew is light to medium just by looking at it through the glass, which was surprising to us.  We suppose it wouldn’t be so obvious if the glass hadn’t been perfect, but that is a moot point.
  • As for that aroma, there are plenty of notes of floral and citrus hops, with a bit of a fruitish hint to them as well. Perhaps that is simply a mix of the citrusy hops, but we’ve a belief that there is a bit of zest in there somewhere drawing out the aromas.
  • The malt is very mellow and there seems to be a slightly roasted toffee and caramel hint to it. We weren’t surprised by the caramel hints, considering the malt itself, however the toffee was a nice touch.

Overall, we were impressed by the brew, just as many other have been in the past.  It’s not often we can really say that a flagship beer holds up to the test of time, but this one is doing the job quite well and we’re curious to know the secret behind such a successful brew.  However, it seems the brew master won’t be telling the secret.  Make sure to take a visit to taste some of their outstanding offerings, because this isn’t the only prize winner in the bunch!


Mar 29, 2017