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A toast to taprooms

Our Journey

Whether our favorite haunt is an old pub, a new craft brewery taproom filled with décor and lights, or a bare-bones taproom with a food truck parked outside, we all come together for one thing, great craft beer.  However, without those taprooms we’d be stuck in our backyards and garages, neighbor’s patios and our own living rooms, which defeats the purpose of getting out being part of the great communities we live in!  So, here’s a quick toast to the many taprooms across the world that give us somewhere to go to enjoy a new brew and hear tales of days gone by.

Toast the taprooms you loveTaproom events bring us together as much as the brews we love

While the taprooms themselves, with their available brews on draft, flights, and the occasional food offering are great in themselves, it’s the events, the comradery, and the unique experiences that we really remember over the years.  Events like trivia nights, yoga days (bless the creator of yoga pants, we lift our tulip glasses to you sir), and many more interesting events allow us to really stretch our minds while enjoying some great company.  Charity events that affect the community are always a welcome addition to our local taprooms, because not only do we get to test out some delicious brews, we get to support our community in some way, which is part of being a good person.  If we can do that while enjoying a delicious craft beer, why not?

Something about enjoying a great flight while enjoying an event with friends, family, and community is a real draw on folks.  As social creatures, people need to interact with each other on a basic level.  If we can do that at a taproom and possibly put that interaction to a great purpose, then so be it.  These events bring us together just as much as the great craft brews offered and they give us a chance to do something more with our time.  Recently we had the opportunity to visit a few taprooms in our area of South Florida and the trips were fun and memorable.  We met folks from all over the United States, as well as a few visiting from other countries and we were afforded the opportunity to learn things that we may not have learned without taking those trips.

Charity events are a great way to promote community awareness at your local taproomCharity Events help our communities to thrive

We all have communities that could use a boost now and then.  Whether you live in a higher end area or the lower to middle class range, the community you live in survives nearly solely on the support of its members.  School funding is a huge issue for many communities, which leads us to a great reason for Charity Events in our community taprooms and parks.  Our food trucks and great craft beer is one big draw for folks and using those resources to support our schools in any way we can helps to ensure the future of our youth.  Those same youths are eventually going to become our community leaders, which means we need to instill within them the drive to make our communities better places to live with higher educations and more opportunities.

If we all work together and find ways to create events that help everyone, we’re sure to see improvement in everyone’s lives over time.  Taprooms give us a place to come together, enjoy the brews we love, and brainstorm ideas to make things even better for ourselves, our friends, our neighbors, and our futures in general.  So, remember to toast the taprooms you frequent and give them the credit they are due.

Drop a comment to us about some of the great taprooms and events you’ve found.  If you’ve discovered events that support a great cause, let us know about those as well!  We love to hear from our readers and your event could become our next feature post!


Apr 13, 2017