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Mexican Lager On West Palm Brewery’s Tap List — it took two months to craft this beer


Thank you for supporting our Mexican Lager, known as Dreamer’s Lager!  We released our first lager at our tap party on May 3rd, 2018, in time for Cinco de Mayo.

Many of our brewery fans in Palm Beach and throughout Florida asked for an easy sipping beer. Some of you remember that we had the Narragansett Lager as a guest tap for quite some time, when we first opened.  As a New Englander, I loved having Narragansett Lager on tap.  To stay true to my local, New England, roots, look for a Hazy New England-type IPA coming this summer.  Maybe we will have a New England clambake or lobster dinner. Anyway, back to our Dreamer’s Lager !…

Chief Brewer Joel Kodner and I discussed making a lager for some time now. With Cinco de Mayo around the corner, back in March, we decided to craft a Mexican Lager.  Joel put his personal touch on it. 

2 Months to Brew Dreamers Lager   

  • It took two months to brew, ferment and properly carbonate the lager.
  • We are going to consider keeping this lager on tap as one of our “core” or regular beers that you can purchase throughout the year. 
  • Crowlers ! We have 32 ounce Crowlers to go, available right now!
  • Save the Date! On June 4th, (6/4), we will introduce 64 ounce, half gallon Growlers to go in our tap room. 
  • Growlers and Crowlers are only available for our own beers which are made right here in our production facility, on site, and “behind the glass” from the tap room, The Long Bar.

Our tap room has a 20 tap system, which means you can get 20 incredible craft beers on tap. All of the craft beer served at 332 Evernia Street, West Palm Beach, are Glycol-chilled at 37 degrees from our walk-in refer directly to your beer glass.

Joel’s Rotating Line of Craft Beer

  • Currently, we have 11 of our craft beer made right here on tap! 
  • We have 9 guest taps. 
  • Look for our core beers to increase to 15 within 30 days (June 10th, 2018).
  • We promise to offer you great variety without sacrificing quality.
  • The rest of our tap lines will be guest taps and Joel’s rotating line of beers
  • Joel makes amazing coffee dark beers and locally-sourced fruit influenced beers. 
  • Try the B4 Razz ( our most popular beer with a twist: the B4 blonde ale with a touch of locally sourced raspberries.)
  • Try Joel’s amazing Coffee porters, coffee infused brown ales, too. 
  • Joel carefully sources his coffee beans from local roasters.  We offer a variety of beans, expressions of flavor, grind grades and geographic selections.
  • Talk to Joel the next time you are in about where he is sourcing the coffee beans from.
  • As always, we never, ever use extracts or fake flavorings. We only use “real” stuff.

In case you missed the media on our Mexican Lager, here are some links on Dreamer’s Lager:

To read about this Mexican Lager, here is the link from WPTV, where you can also watch their video:  https://www.wptv.com/news/region-c-palm-beach-county/west-palm-beach/west-palm-brewery-takes-stand-on-immigration-with-dreamers-lager

Here is another link to watch the video on Dreamer’s Lager:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NM7YHHyRDc4






May 8, 2018