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Adventure into great craft brews!

Our Journey

Craft brewing is about adventure, creativity, friends, family, community, and so many other things!  We’ve had a great time over the past few years as we’ve traveled all over the United States checking out new craft breweries and the delicious offerings they have and we hope you’ve all had a great time as well.  Although we didn’t open up the blog until recently, we’ve really enjoyed telling everyone about some of the great craft breweries we’ve discovered, as well as the many outstanding craft beers we’ve had the chance to try.

Enjoying craft beer is something that brings everyone together

While so many people are stuck in a 9 to 5, we get the chance to really venture out and see what the United States craft brewing industry has to offer.  The loyalty of craft beer enthusiasts is amazing and we’ve met many along the path who really share a deep love for the craft.  It’s not just about the beer, or a high ABV.  It’s about community and friends and finding something that bonds us together in a way that other avenues simply cannot quite fill.

After all, if we were only interested in a high ABV, we’d be drinking hard alcohol right?  Instead, we choose to check out craft beers from traditional to new and innovative and see how they differ, how they taste, and how they smell.  We love to hear what others think about different brews and we encourage our readers to leave a comment about brews that they find so we can check them out too.  The craft beer community is pretty awesome and we love sharing information on the many craft breweries all over.

New upcoming brews have us at the edge of our seats

What has really piqued our interest as of late are the many new craft beers that are due to release later this year.  We’ve been checking out some of the upcoming release notes on some of our favorite breweries and we’re super excited!  There are literally dozens of brews just waiting to hit the taps, the shelves, and the kegs!  Our resident Portaholic even has a short list of some porters she’s just itching to try.

While we’d love to give you some hints about those exciting brews, we simply cannot do so.  Not without worrying that we just might ruin the surprises that are in store from those breweries.  No one likes a spoiler right?

Upcoming events have us twitching too!

There are plenty of upcoming events that have us waiting not-so-patiently as well and those we’re more than happy to share with you.  For example, Beer For Beasts won’t be around again until later this year, but it’s an event we fully support!  You can check out the link for last year’s info and if you’re interesting in more information on the program, check out Six Point Brewery’s Events page and see what it is about.

Another great event that will be popping up this coming year is Crafts and Drafts at the Serb Hall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  This city is well known for its history in the brewing industry and has touted some of the biggest names in brewing over the decades.  It’s no wonder it is a hub for brewing events (and the Harley Museum is pretty great, too).

According to the calendar over at BeerAdvocate, April is packed full of amazing events to check out from multiple craft breweries all over the United States.  This means a lot for the craft brewing industry, as it shows that the demand for craft beer is certainly not going to die down any time soon.  We’re happy to see that, as we’re opening our own brewery here in West Palm Beach, Florida later this year and don’t want to hit a plateau before we ever get off the ground!

New breweries opening up means more great craft beer for everyone!

Here at West Palm Beach Brewery and The Vault, we plan to offer a pretty good range of options for our patrons after our opening later this year.  We’re proud to be joining the ranks of the craft breweries in the United States.  These breweries number over 4,000 to date and it seems like more of us are opening up every year.  Not too surprising, given that the demand seems to be growing at a massive rate and shows no sign of stopping right now.

We’ll be offering more than just craft beer though.  If you get the chance to pay us a visit later this year, expect to have the chance to check out some amazing premium wines as well at The Vault at West Palm Beach Brewery.  We’ve entered into an exclusive contract with Pankauski Wine Cellars and that means we’ll be the only place where you can check out the wines from that great winery!  Good news for us and great news for everyone here in West Palm Beach!

We hope you’ll leave us a note about some of the great breweries you’ve found, as well as some of the outstanding craft beers you have tried throughout your journeys.  We’re always looking for new ideas for features and your suggestion could become our next feature!  Until then, we’ll be here working hard on the road to our opening! Cheers!



Mar 23, 2017