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All aboard for flights!

Our Journey

One of the best things about brewery taprooms the flights they offer.  Sure, we all have that one style we really love, but part of the fun is in trying several different types of craft beer.  Not to mention the savings!  After all, why not grab an $8.00 flight and enjoy some variety?  Here in West Palm Beach, we’ve been waiting for our flight boards to get here and they’ve finally arrived.  All aboard for flights!

All aboard for flights!What makes flights so great anyway?

Everyone has different tastes in beer.  Whether you prefer a bitter IPA or a Milk Chocolate Stout, you have that one that is truly your favorite.  However, that does not stop you from trying other brewing styles.  If it does, you really need to change that!  Start by grabbing a flight here at West Palm Beach Brewery and see where the tasting takes you.  You might just find out you really love our West Palm Porter.  

One of our favorite facets of the craft brewing community is the diversity.  Not only the diversity of tastes in brews but the absolute diversity in the brews available on the market!  We’ve mentioned before how craft breweries are pushing the limits where interesting flavors are concerned.  Although we lean towards classic styles here at our brewery, we can’t help but admit there is some good in the unique brews out there.

Take a flight across your tastebuds

One of the best ways to find out if you like classics over designer brews is to compare them side-by-side.  Purchasing a flight allows you to do precisely that!  Taste a double IPA, then try a Raspberry Porter (yes, they make those, somewhere).  You may find that you like the Porter, but only when it’s flavored.  That’s the great thing about being an individual.  It’s ok to not like what others like, as they may not like what you do!

We love to discuss the brews we create, as well as the guest brews we have on our taps.  Feel free to stop in at our brewery on Evernia St. in West Palm Beach to see what we offer.  We look forward to serving you!


Jan 23, 2018