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Allagash is brewing great craft beer

Our Journey

Allagash Brewing Company is gaining quite a bit of popularity and we had to find out why.  After all, with so many great new craft breweries popping up in the United States, it only makes sense that we’d want to check them all out and see what the buzz is all about.  So, off we went, on another adventure to taste some great craft beer.

Now, you might be thinking that a trip to Maine isn’t exactly what most people do during the winter, and you’d be right.  Especially when they’re leaving gorgeous West Palm Beach, Florida in order to do so.  However, the search for the holy grail of craft brews is a strong draw and we simply could not resist.  Darn the weather, we headed out anyway and what we found there in Portland, Maine was simply awesome.

Allagash is brewing up some great craft beer and serving the community!

First of all, the tour through this place was outstanding.  The staff are very knowledgeable and the brewmaster is pretty darn cool.  Their taproom is another great feature with several delicious craft brews for you to enjoy.  However, we’ll get to that later.  Let’s start off with the brewery itself right?

If we had to choose just one craft brewery that is a shining example of sustainability and our term “crafting the future”, it would be these folks.  They are wholeheartedly involved in creating a cleaner, healthier environment and giving back to their community.  From their super impressive bank of solar panels to their continuing efforts within the community, we’re in awe of their dedication to the future of those around them.

On to the taproom for some great craft beer!

We know what you’ve been waiting for and we didn’t plan to keep you from it.  While their amazing community and environmental efforts are highly commendable, we realize you want to know about those delicious craft beers that they brew every day.  Therefore, without further ado, we give you the beers of Allagash, or at least the ones we tried!

We’ll start this out with their barrel-aged marvel Curieux.  When you try this brew, you’ll note hints of coconut pretty quickly mixed in with the lovely vanilla aroma.  However, give it a moment, because that bourbon burn will touch your soul and take you on an adventure.  We’re glad this is a year-round beer, as it’s certainly one of their best!

Next up we have their lovely Dubbel which carries on the tradition of old-fashioned Abbey brews.  This fruity brew is a classic, exhibiting plenty of heady flavor, followed by a dry finish that nearly mirrors a porter with its coffee and cocoa hints.  A lovely finish to a perfect brew and the house yeast they’ve brought in really does add that fruity kick to it.

Finally, we finish up with Black, their take on what could have been a traditional Belgian stout, if one were to exist.  If you’re wondering what that oddball is in the flavor profile, it’s raisins.  Somehow, this flavor ended up pulling itself into the brew along with the chocolate, coffee, caramel, and various other notes that come along through its evolution in the glass.  The addition of two lovely types of hops adds just the right blend to this dark brew, which truly is darn near black with a caramel colored head.

We hope you get a chance to try a few of Allagash’s great craft beer offerings, as they are a company to be proud of and deserve the support.  Don’t miss their Tacos and Table Beer event coming up on March 1st, as it’s sure to be a great success!



Feb 17, 2017