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Amazing craft beer: Epic Brewing Company

Our Journey

When you think about the craft beers you have really enjoyed, is there one that you considered “epic”?  Well, if you’ve visited Epic Brewing Company, there probably is, because their name certainly says a lot about their amazing craft beer.  With three different beer series and an option for 12 oz. cans too, who could resist the temptation to try all of them?

Blending different varieties of hops make an amazing craft beerVariety and versatility make amazing craft beer

No, we’re not talking about two cute brew girls.  We’re talking about the amount of variety and versatility Epic has provided over time.  Their multiple series of beers show their dedication to the craft and we’re happy to feature a few of their amazing craft beer choices.  Each series has its own unique qualities, so we do suggest trying more than one to find the one you like best.

From their delicious Classic Series, we like their Escape to Colorado IPA.  This hop-centric Ale is refreshing and we were pleasantly surprised to find it went great with the spicy meal we were eating.  That is quite a feat, as many beers do not pair well with spicy foods.  Something about the Apollo and Mosaic blend simply worked perfectly and we’re certainly glad!

In their Elevated Series, we chose Copper Cone.  Something about the fact that this amazing craft beer can vary batch to batch just stood out for us.  We love Ales with a heady aroma and this pale Ale certainly fits the bill!  The fact that they vary the types of hops, malts and yeast makes this lovely copper pale Ale an adventure in every pint.

Finally, we moved on to their Exponential Series, which sounded to us like a math quiz, but turned out to be an outstanding series of beer!  We couldn’t choose between the Smoked Porter or the Sour Apple Saison, so we tried both and we loved them!  While one was perfect for the cold day, the other was the perfect mix of anise and a variety of other spices and flavors.  Somehow the ingredients of both blend together to make two absolutely delicious brews.

Try some amazing craft beer at Epic Brewing CompanyGo find an amazing craft beer from Epic Brewing

This outstanding company has three locations in Colorado and Utah.  The trip is certainly worth the effort, as they have a variety of other great brews for you to try other than those listed here.  We suggest the Denver Brewery and Tap Room, which is also dog-friendly to an extent (no pooches on the patio, but they can be outside the patio fence and these guys are kind enough to provide water dishes).  You can bring your own food, order from a local restaurant, or enjoy the services of one of the food trucks that are almost always there.

Overall we loved our experience with Epic and we hope you will too.  They have given us inspiration for our opening later this year in West Palm Beach, Florida and you might just find a brew or two of theirs offered as a guest beer in our taproom!


Jan 14, 2017