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Amazing craft breweries to visit in Missouri

Our Journey

The midwest features some of the most amazing craft breweries in the United States.  This doesn’t surprise us considering states like Wisconsin, Illinois, and Missouri host some of the oldest breweries in the country.  It was only natural that these outstanding states would come up with craft breweries that really knocked our socks off.  The beer coming from this region is outstanding and the variety is exceptional!  Check out some of the places we visited in Missouri and then go try a tasting because these crews really know how to brew a great craft beer!

Amazing craft breweries are all over in MissouriBoulevard is one of the amazing craft breweries we visited

Boulevard Brewing Company in Kansas City is one of the best breweries in the state.  Their innovation and creativity really top the charts and their beer is delicious!  This crew really does aim to please their patrons and they succeed at doing so.  Check out their amazing list of beer available in the tasting room and see for yourself what kind of variety they have to offer.  Don’t forget to check out their year-round and seasonal beer lists too.  We’ve tried several of their brews and enjoyed every one of them.  One great beer of theirs is the Oatmeal Stout they offer.  It has an awesome flavor and the finish is outstanding.

Every beer we’ve tried from Boulevard has been great and we’d love to try more as they release them.  Check back periodically as we tend to feature some of the great beers we sample.  While we’re working on moving towards our own brewery opening in West Palm Beach in April, we’re tasting different brews and seeing what works the best.  We certainly don’t mind tipping our hats to those that have shown such amazing dedication to their craft.

Old fashioned values are in good standing with these amazing craft breweriesNot exactly like your mother brewed it but amazing craft breweries do it well

Another great brewery in the state is Mother’s Brewing Company in Springfield, Missouri.  This outfit has been providing the community with some craft beer that really does show serious quality and dedication to the craft brewing industry.  However, their beer isn’t the only thing on tap!  They have some pretty amazing cider too!  It’s always worth checking out a brewery that is able to dual-produce outstanding brews in two fields.

We recommend their Brown Ale called Three Blind Mice.  It has a great flavor and finish, and the reasonable 5.5% ABV means we get to sip it far into the night, which is pretty darn cool.  We had a great time chatting with the bartender at this place, which isn’t surprising considering they received the Bartender of the Year award.  Great brews and award-winning bartenders too?  Who could ask for more in a taproom?!

Pining for a visit to one of the amazing craft breweries of Missouri?

Piney River Brewing Company was our last stop in Missouri, though we’d have loved to make a few more.  We plan to take another trip in the future, so be sure to check back from another list of great breweries in the state.  However, for the moment, take a look at the outstanding brews these folks have to offer!  Their Old Tom Porter may be a limited release, but we certainly think it should be a year-rounder!  And their Hot Date Ale was certainly one hot item.

We can’t wait to try some more of their limited releases and maybe next time we’ll remember our growlers!  We sure wish we had this time because we’d have brought home one or two filled with their Hobby Farm Ale.  Something just really popped about that honey and basil blend and we wish we had more of it handy.

Make sure to take a road trip through Missouri to visit all of their amazing craft breweries!

We hope you get a chance to visit Missouri this year, because the vast number of craft breweries are worth the drive.  Make it a full vacation and bring along a few growlers.  We know we should have brought ours so we could bring some great craft beer along with us when it was time to head home!



Jan 23, 2017