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Amazing premium wines we’ve tasted

Our Journey

During the past week, we’ve been traveling all over the United States and we’ve been tasting some of the amazing premium wines available on the market.  Touring several vineyards, we’ve come to appreciate each one for its unique facilities and dedication to growing the best possible grapes.  Now we want to tell you about a few of the wines we’ve had the distinct pleasure to try.

From left to right : Bravium Pinot Noir from Bravium Wines in Anderson Valley, Viluko Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon 2012, Zinfandel from F. Teldeschi Winery, and Pinot Noir from Ken Brown Wines

Pictured above are some of the amazing premium wines we’ve come across and absolutely loved.  If you like trying a variety of different wines, these are certainly great choices for your rack.  Or, if you prefer to be a bit adventurous like us, visit their vineyards and take a tour!  We did and the experiences are ones we won’t soon forget.  Each wine is distinct and outstanding in its own right and we want to share each one with you.

Bravium Pinot Noir is one of the amazing premium wines we tasted

This Pinot Noir is absolutely outstanding.  The tour of the Bravium Wine facility was very interesting and the wine tasting afterward left us wanting to come back again and again.  This winery has a deep regard for quality and excellence in all of their wines and their dedication to winemaking really shows in their wines.  We can’t wait to try more of their vintages at a later date.

Bravium Winery has a “less is more” approach to winemaking that seems to work perfectly.  They utilize the best aspects of each terrior in order to produce the highest quality grapes for their wines.  Though there are those who would disagree, we think this practice of leaving it to the Earth is what makes their wine so delicious and special.

Viluko Vineyards produces amazing premium wines too

Viluko Vineyards is located in the gorgeous Mayacamas Mountains in California and the varietals they are able to produce from their locations are outstanding in quality.  Their Cabernet Sauvignon was our first choice when we went to visit and we were not disappointed in the least.  The deep color and aroma of this premium wine was absolutely refreshing.

If the quality of their wine wasn’t already enough, the fact that they are Certified Organic would definitely top the cake.  Located between two luscious mountains, these vineyards are kept as close to nature as possible.  This provides not only a healthier product in terms of lack of chemical use but also a cleaner, greener Earth for us to enjoy far into the future.

F. Teldeschi Winery is producing amazing premium wines too!

The delightful Zinfandel we had the pleasure of tasting from this winery was exquisite.  So much so, that we just had to check out their facility and see what makes their wines so darn amazing.  What we found was a winery that really has their program streamlined and a group of people who make you feel like you’re part of their operation when they’re talking to you.  It was great!

We strongly suggest reading this family’s story as it is a testament to how many people came to the United States and found success through hard work and perseverance.  It also shows their genuine dedication to both their craft and their heritage, which is something we deeply respect.

The vines at this lovely vineyard are anywhere from 1 to 90 years old, having been planted throughout the generations and tended to very carefully.  While you might think that Zinfandel is the only type grown here, you’d be sorely mistaken.  The family has over half a dozen varieties of grapes growing throughout their vineyards, including two varieties that they leave specifically for the local wildlife to eat.

Perhaps their love of life and the world around them is what makes their Zinfandel so delicious.  Or perhaps it is the many decades of experience and perseverance behind them.  Either way, we can truly say their wines are a delight to taste and well worth having in your rack!

Ken Brown Wines produces amazing premium wines as well, with a twist!

While many vineyards and wineries are moving towards larger operations, these folks love being the little guys.  However, don’t be mistaken, their wines are quite outstanding and the flavor of each is very distinct.  While other vineyards are fighting the battle to grow their own vines, Ken Brown Wines has dedicated themselves to working with growers and selecting small blocks of only the best grapes to produce their wines.

While this may seem a bit small, it’s meant to be that way.  With only approximately 3,000 cases produced each year, they strive for excellence rather than quantity of production.  Each block of grapes is selected for perfection and the results are phenomenal!  With such a tight-knit operation, Ken Brown’s staff have been able to stay close to their wines and make lasting connections with the folks they work with.  Their love of friendships, partnerships, and high-quality premium wines truly infuses itself into every bottle they produce.

Their 2015 Pinot Noir, pictured at the beginning of this article, is a testament to their dedication.  The flavor and aroma of this vintage struck us deeply.  This wine matures and evolves as it rests and we were quite intrigued by the many layers of distinction we found.

We’re not exactly surprised by this excellent quality, as they have spent decades sourcing the best ingredients and figuring out what makes an outstanding Pinot Noir.  Their dedication to this varietal is impressive, to say the least.  With so many vineyards expanding into multiple varietals, it was refreshing to find one that has such a deep focus and insistence on the highest quality results possible.

The journey to find amazing premium wines continues!

We’re still traveling on a regular basis to try new wines from the many vineyards across the country.  Here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault in south Florida, we plan to feature outstanding premium wines in our tasting area, as well as great craft beer in the taproom.  We’re working hard to meet our opening in April and we expect to see some of you there to kick things off!  Until then, we’ll continue to bring you news of the delicious wines and lovely vineyards we find.


Feb 7, 2017