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Amizetta Estate Wines : Premium wines made naturally

Our Journey

At Amizetta wines in the Napa Valley wine region of California, they take their winemaking very seriously, showing a dedication that goes beyond profit and lands directly on the path of love for the craft itself. This can be seen in every corner of the vineyards, in the knowing look as the staff checks the grapes. Such care is taken that the resulting wines nearly taste of it, which gives them a character that simply cannot be faked.

Amizetta Wines dedication goes beyond the vineyards

When it comes to sustainable growing, the folks at Amizetta have perfected the art. With a wine cave in which they age their wines, they’ve created a naturally controlled environment that remains a perfect 59 degrees year-round. This effort has allowed them to use age-old methods for aging their wines in the lovely French Oak barrels they’ve selected for their process.

In addition to the cave system, they have the pleasure of being the final stop before a lovely state park. While this may seem inconsequential, it means that the natural groundwater they use is entirely uncontaminated, giving them a natural water source that is beyond compare. This seems to lend an additional level of character to their wines that is hard to miss.

Green energy is on everyone’s minds, including those at Amizetta Wines

At this lovely vineyard, as well as at their winery, they have employed solar panels to reduce their carbon footprint on the Earth. This is a practice that is spreading across the United States slowly and is worthy of mention. By holding to natural practices they are able to provide wines that are much closer to traditional wines in nature.

These practices have gone far beyond just the solar panels and natural springs. With so many vineyards making the move towards sustainable growing methods and Green Earth practices, it is great seeing a vineyard that is following in those steps. From the owl boxes set up in the vineyards to provide natural pest protection, to the solar panels lining the roof of the winery, and on to the water containments sitting uphill of the vineyards, ready to release water for irrigation through natural gravity fed methods, there are a wealth of reasons to tip our hats to the folks at Amizetta. We’re proud to see them taking such initiative in helping to ensure a cleaner future for the communities around them.

Visit Amizetta and let us know what you thought

We absolutely love to hear from our readers. That is why we are hoping you will leave a comment about your experiences with Amizetta Vineyards and Winery and Amizetta Estate Wines themselves. These luscious wines have a character that simply must be tasted to understand and we would enjoy hearing your story.

From all of us at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault in South Florida, where we are working hard to prepare for our own opening later this year, happy tasting!


May 23, 2017