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An overview of events that can boost tap room traffic

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While we all know that the usual food trucks and such will certainly help to boost tap room traffic, we often forget about how we can tie ourselves to the communities we serve in other ways.  In south Florida, there is a wide range of yearly events held by each community, some receiving national recognition such as the Big Cat Races Series coming up in January 2017.

How can participating in events help my brand?

Events like this are not only great for boosting sales because we certainly all want to do that, but they’re also good for getting your brand out there.  Branding, especially for a new craft brewery, is important, and these charities are even more important.  If we have the chance to participate, why not create employee t-shirts and go out as a crew?  Can you think of a better way to both support a cause and get your brand some high visibility?  Not to mention it would serve to keep your employees in shape.  This certainly won’t hurt as their higher energy level will boost productivity back at the brewery and just might turn your tap room into one of the biggest local hot spots!

What about smaller local events?  Should I host them?

Naturally, you should be looking next door when it comes to local support.  Many breweries donate to local charities, help with food drives and a variety of other options.  However, if you really want to make an impression, why not consider hosting your own?  Donating is all fine and well, but it doesn’t necessarily SHOW that you care about your community.

Set up arrangements to host donation barrels at the tap room for food drives, toy drives, and even the Salvation Army bell ringers.  While you may think these ideas are outdated or intrusive, they show community support in a very real way.  Pair it up with free cider (non-alcohol of course) for donators and you’ve just created a community friendly event with a spicy bonus!

We heard someone in town passed away, what can we do?

Tragedy strikes at terrible times and we feel awful for any family who experiences this loss.  However, this is when we really need to think past the tap room and USE that tap room to generate some spirit in an otherwise sad time.

Families who’ve lost someone are going to feel the pinch of the resulting costs and our tap rooms are always booming with local and traveling aficionados who don’t mind popping a few bucks for a great draft of suds.  This gives us the opportunity to help collect donations!

Local businesses do this on a regular basis, all the way from the fuel stations to the bars and pubs, so don’t be afraid to host a memorial get-together and sponsor a raffle to drive donations as well.  The affected family just might need the lift in spirit and you’ll feel a lot better knowing you’ve done your part to help your community members too!

Community is our keystone

If we make it a point to get involved, we show that we care and plan to be a positive influence on our communities.  Craft breweries are growing at a powerful rate and with a bit of thought, we can harness that power to do great things while gaining a bit of traffic as well!



Dec 22, 2016