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Anderson Valley vineyards have great Riesling

Our Journey

Navarro Riesling is excellentNavarro Vineyards, located in Philo, California, has been producing outstanding premium wines since their founding in 1974.  These folks certainly know their craft, as they are capable of producing some of the most delicious wines in the region and have gained accolades from many connoisseurs across the United States.  That following includes all of us here at West Palm Beach Brewery and The Vault as well!  We recently had the opportunity to try their Riesling and we found it to be an impeccable example of what they offer!

Navarro Vineyards offers knowledge, dedication, and quality

The staff at Navarro are knowledgeable and dedicated, which is something we love to see.  The vineyard is known for releasing amazing vintages and this year they will be releasing ten outstanding vintages for Spring.  We plan to see what they offer when those come up, as the Riesling (pictured at left) was quite impressive already.

If you’re interested in seeing what their wines taste like, check out their Picnic Sampler, as it’s certainly a great way to test their quality across the board.  The sampler offers a great variety of their wines and the price is certainly reasonable.  Their current sampler includes each of their new Springtime offerings and we plan to check them out soon as well.

The Riesling from Navarro Vineyards is lovely in the glass overlooking West Palm BeachWhat makes Navarro such a great vineyard?

Navarro Vineyards has more than just great premium wines.  They also offer a Farm-to-Table program that provides cheeses, some delicious non-alcohol grape juices for kids, cooks, and others, and a Pre-Release program that makes us smile every time.

In addition to these things, the staff at Navarro make every tour comfortable, informative, and enjoyable.  They really care about their customers and strive to create the best experience possible.  Their knowledge of the wines is extensive and the quality of those wines really is exquisite.  We suggest taking a tour if you get a chance to visit, as it’s well worth it.

These folks are all about community, which makes them even more desirable as a vineyard of choice.  They provide plenty of insight into the area, including a page about their neighboring businesses and friends.  With links to places to eat, places to stay, upcoming events, and more, you can count on them to provide a wealth of information about the region.  They love to talk about the beauty of the landscape, the techniques used by local farms, as well as their own vineyard, and days of old.

We hope you get a chance to try their wonderful premium wines, as well as pay them a visit.  The region is lovely, the people make you feel right at home, and you’ll feel ten years younger after you’ve spent some time in the beautiful Anderson Valley region.


Mar 17, 2017