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Andretti Winery: Slowing down with premium wine

Our Journey

Andretti is a name synonymous with speed, adventure, fast living, pretty women, and most of all, success.  Anyone who grew up watching any form of racing knew the name Andretti, whether your family watched IndyCar or NASCAR because they used the name Andretti right alongside Earnhardt, Petty, and other famous names of drivers throughout the sport.  While you may never have had the opportunity to experience the dedication Mario Andretti put into his driving, you’ll certainly appreciate the dedication and pride in each bottle of Andretti wine because he’s set a standard that not only meets but exceeds the standards set by many vineyards.

Small size allows for a personal experience

The Tuscan Villa of Andretti Winery is located at the center of over 40 acres of vineyards.  Unlike many vineyards of the area, you will not see a bunch of large tanks, but instead will be ensconced within the heart of the vineyard, giving you the impression of being in another world.  One much older, with more of an old-world feel and style.  Guests of the villa come away feeling as if they’ve found a new way to look at life, one where the fast-paced world doesn’t seem quite so important.  A view that shows how much quality and family hold a higher place than they may have thought previously.

The Andretti Winery holds tradition and high quality at the top of their list and produces wines that exceed expectations as a rule.  They want to provide a great experience for their guests, as well as show their understanding for the fact that not everyone has the same tastes.  While some may prefer Merlot and Chardonnay, others may prefer Moscato and Zinfandel Port.  With Andretti Wines, members can customize their membership, which allows them to choose the wines they truly want to try, rather than a set selection chosen by folks that might not have the same tastes they do.

Perseverance and dedication allow Andretti Winery to provide the best

Even during the recent recession, Andretti Winery held tight to their quality standards and kept moving forward.  While other vineyards were falling under during a lack of sales, they held strong and realized that the problem would pass in time.  This dedication and drive have allowed them to become a highly successful and sought after name in the wine making industry, along with their traditional values and varied offerings.

We are proud of the example they have set for the many other vineyards in the industry and we hope to see them continue on this route for many decades to come.  Here in West Palm Beach, Florida, we raise our glass to Andretti Winery and will be watching to see what they offer in the future.




May 1, 2017