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Another great beer from Clown Shoes!

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Clown Shoes has done it again and we have another great beer from them to tell you about.  Although we all know that Clown Shoes makes amazing craft beer, we didn’t realize how amazing Undead Party Crasher would be until we tasted it!  This brew is one that deserves to be on the “must-try” list and it’s worth finding a bottle!

Undead Party Crasher is a great beer!Undead Party Crasher is a great beer!

While the name will certainly throw you off, this brew is delicious.  Sure, we don’t want just any undead party crasher coming around, but this one is worth opening the door for!

Let’s start with the art on this one, which suits the Clown Shoes line so very well.  We love craft breweries that get creative with their labels and these guys have nailed it every time.  Not only do they make outstanding beer that is worth drinking, they also create labels on their bottles that are worth collecting!  Cool folks run this brewery and they make sure their beer looks as cool as it tastes.  Great job guys!

This is a brew we are glad to have tried.  It is currently in production at Mercury Brewing Company, so make sure you pick some up before they change their minds (though that’s not likely to happen, we think).  With this baby being available in 22oz. bombers, we’re sure you’ll want to grab a couple.  After all, why not age one for a week or two in the bottle and see what happens right?

How does this great beer taste?

Where flavor is concerned, this brew evolves pretty darn well in the glass.  The color (as you can see in the picture) is gorgeously dark, with a caramel head that is fairly minimal.  Lots of bubbles in that head, but not so much in the glass (which we loved).  The brew was created to celebrate Clown Shoes second anniversary, and it is definitely worth celebrating with!  Then again, what Imperial Stout isn’t right?

As we said, this brew is dark in color, has about a 1/4″ head to it that will disappear over time in the glass, and has some serious body to it.  As is expected of a stout, it has a pretty lasting aftertaste and the finish is pretty dry.  However, the flavor is deep and has hints of what seems like espresso. We’ve read that it’s actually coffee, but the bitterness makes it easy to mix them up.  We loved the sugary malt nuances that came along as it rested and honestly we want more.

If you get the chance, pick up a few bottles as soon as you can, because they’re not going to be on the shelf very long.  The popularity should grow fast, in fact, it already has!  Another winner from Clown Shoes that will be on our permanent “must-have” list.


Feb 18, 2017