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Another great porter has been discovered

Our Journey

When it comes to Porters, there are a virtual ton of them out on the market.  However, as our resident Portaholic will tell you, not all of the ones on the market are “must-have” brews that you’ll want to hoard away in some private treasure room.  She came to us with this outstanding porter recently and we’re glad she decided to share, as that is rare for that porter hoarder.

Start yourself on a porter-style journey and take Exit 18

Exit 18 Baltic Porter was not something we expected our little Portaholic to be hoarding, but she was.  We’d tried this brew once earlier this year, but hadn’t really thought about the fact that it could have been one of our features.  Forgive us, readers, for we’ve been told the error of our ways (she made us say that).  Honestly, though, this brew is outstanding as far as porters go.  It has a great dark color, aromatic and full head, and the flavor profile will smack you in the sweet tooth right before it whips you with a licorice finish.

Now, you may be thinking that a porter is just a porter, but that is not true.  This porter features a wide range of malts (10 of them in fact) that are the backbone for the 3 varieties of hops used in the brew.  Yep, this one is a fully malt-driven delight that’ll have you guessing at the many aromas for ages while it evolves in the glass.  We love a brew that keeps us guessing, especially when it’s one with an ABV of 9.5%.  At that level, we want to be guessing quite a while in order to avoid that kick in the pants that these brews tend to sneak in on you.

Who makes Exit 18 Baltic Porter?  It sounds delicious!

It IS delicious and it is brewed by Flying Fish Brewing Company.  We recently featured these folks after we discovered they were powerhouses in the brewing industry where sustainable resources and green energy are concerned, so when our portaholic popped up with one of their brews we were secretly delighted.  After all, what better way to enjoy our trip a second time around right?  Of course, when she found out we’d taken a trip without her she took the rest of the porter and hid it again.  One day we’ll learn to keep those things to ourselves.  One day.

We hope you get a chance to visit Flying Fish Brewing Company and try some of their really great craft beer.  Their environmental concerns and serious efforts to make their community a happier, healthier place to live are admirable and we’d love to see them get the recognition they deserve.  Pay them a visit, then head back here and let us know what you thought!  We’d love to hear from you.

Meanwhile, we’ll be hard at work because the permits are in place for our own brewery here in West Palm Beach, Florida and we’re looking forward to our opening later this year.  We hope to see all of you there, as a vacation in South Florida is always worth the trip.



Apr 22, 2017