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Are you feeling Independant?

Our Journey

With Independence Day just past, many folks are still reminiscing about family, friends, and their thoughts on a variety of issues facing our country today.  Some go beyond that point, discussing issues in the entire world and wondering how things will change over the coming years.  Will they get better?  Worse?  However, with all of this going on, we, ourselves, are wondering a something.  Are you feeling Independent?

What is so important about independence?

The craft brewing industry is actually formed around independence.  Yes, we have standards to meet, and quality to uphold, however, it is the independent nature of the brewmasters that provides us with the huge variety of brews we’ve come to enjoy.  Without their independent spirits, the brews would all be the same, no variation, no drive evident within.

Independence is about more than being a sovereign nation.  For some, independence is the physical activity they perform every single day to make their voice heard, even when it goes against the grain.  In the craft brewing industry, you can find a wealth of these great folks, pounding out brews that go against the norm and become cult favorites.  We salute those folks because their brews are awesome!

What’s the difference between Independent and other craft breweries?

Believe it or not, the big named brewing companies have been buying up the successful little guys for quite some time now.  That craft beer in your hand may actually be owned by AB-Inbev or another brewing giant.  Knowing whether the craft beer you’re drinking is from a truly independent brewery may not be important to everyone, but to some folks, it is the deciding factor in whether they purchase the brew.

This is proven to be a true issue by the fact that even the Brewers Association became involved earlier this year, bringing forth an Independent Brewer seal that indicates whether the brew you are buying is from an Independent Brewery.  This allows enthusiasts to support ONLY the true, independent breweries, rather than buying yet another big business product.  We’re all sad when a great craft brewery is eaten by the big fish, so seeing these seals all over the shelves makes us smile.

Check the labels and tell us about the brews you find

Tell us about the brews you’ve found that truly showcase the independent spirit we all love in this industry.  If you’ve found any brews with the new Independent Brewer seal on them, let us know about those as well!  We’d love to hear from you and we plan to feature some of these brews in the future.  In the meantime, from all of us here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, happy tasting!



Jul 5, 2017