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Art and craft beer in February

Our Journey

Anyone who loves art in its many forms will want to be in West Palm Beach for the month of February.  We have a wealth of events coming up this month that are sure to keep you entertained, as well as great craft breweries for you to check out each evening!  Art and craft beer may not sound like they go together, but they most certainly do!

Art and craft beer go hand-in-hand!Art and craft beer are like peas and carrots

The craft brewing industry has spent quite a bit of time and effort supporting the arts.  Don’t believe us?  Check out some of the craft breweries throughout the United States and see for yourself!  Whether they are showcasing events that support the arts or showcasing local artists’ works in their taprooms, the connection is there and screaming for attention.  

Here in West Palm Beach, there are several examples of how our community supports the arts.  From the lovely building art, you can find around the warehouse district to the beautiful pieces at the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens, there is really no end to the number of exhibits, official and unofficial, that you can enjoy.  Our entire community puts support into these works and we’d love to hear your views on them!

February is a month packed full of great art events

The month of February is full of great art events here in West Palm Beach.  For examples, check out the City Event Calendar.  It shows events that will keep your artistic mind busy for days!  Here at West Palm Beach Brewery, we love hearing about what our patrons think of the local art scene, as well as what they think of our brews.  Come on in after visiting some of the art exhibits and grab a flight!  We look forward to seeing you!


Feb 6, 2018