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Artesa Winery of Napa Valley

Our Journey

At Artesa Winery they focus on the quality of their wines, the sustainability of their vines, and a set of growing practices that help to ensure the future of their community. This had led to them gaining a great amount of popularity over time, which is why we decided to check out their wines. What we discovered was a line of premium wines that are delicious, aromatic, and hold a true to their environment quality that is impossible to miss.

History and knowledge brought to the United States

The history of Artesa Winery does not live within the confines of the United States. Rather it began in Spain, where the family was known as the oldest winemaking family in the country at the time. Choosing to relocate to the United States, they were a sad loss for Spain, but an outstanding addition to the United States winemaking industry and the Napa Valley region as a whole. With a previous reputation for quality and taste, the family behind Artesa Winery was able to easily transition into the industry here in the United States where they’ve built that reputation to even greater heights.

If you think we’re discussing just a few decades of history, you’d be wrong. Over 600 years of winemaking creates the foundation of the Artesa legacy, which is quite astounding considering the youth of the winemaking industry here in the United States. Having such a rich background in the craft has allowed those at Artesa to establish an outstanding following here and with very good reason. The quality, taste, and aroma of their wines speak of a wealth of knowledge and love for the crafting of fine wine.

Take a tour and experience Artesa firsthand

The only true way to understand and appreciate the making of these lovely premium wines is to visit the place where they are crafted. Whether you choose to take a tour of the vineyards and winery or arrange a food pairing, you’ll be drawn into the world where wine means love, laughter, and life. This experience often leaves people with a greater appreciation for the more important aspects of life itself, which is precisely what the folks at Artesa hope for.

If you do get the chance to visit their beautiful vineyards, make sure to let us know about your experience. We absolutely love to hear from our readers and your story could easily spark our next feature post. Let us know which wines you tasted, what you thought, and how you felt during the visit. We’re sure you’ll enjoy the idyllic scenery and welcoming atmosphere of this beautiful winery and learn quite a lot during your tour or tasting.

In the meantime, from all of us here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault in South Florida, happy tasting! We look forward to seeing all of you later this year when we open our doors to the public, offering great craft beer and outstanding premium wines!


May 26, 2017