Happy Hour: 4pm - 7pm, M-F

Artisan delights at The Intracoastal Kitchen

Our Journey

If you love artisan food, then our brewery here in South Florida is where you need to be.  The Intracoastal Kitchen, located in West Palm Beach Brewery, is the perfect choice for your next dinner!  Whether you prefer pizza, Brussels Sprouts, or a tasty salad, we have what you are hoping for!

Check out the wood-fired brick oven and enjoy your meal!

All of our artisan meals are cooked in our wood-fired brick oven, giving them an old-world feel that simply cannot be replicated in a conventional oven.  In addition to our old-world style cooking, we also source as many of our ingredients locally as possible!  What could be better than fresh, locally sourced ingredients?

Chef Andrew even goes so far as to make fresh pizza dough and mozzarella right here at the brewery!  You’ll certainly enjoy the amazing flavor that all of the fresh ingredients have to offer.  Don’t forget to ask about a craft beer or premium Napa wine to pair with your meal!  Pairing your meal with a glass of craft beer or wine can bring out even more flavor!

South Florida is sounding better every minute!

Not only do we offer great food, but we also have an amazing taproom with plenty of delicious brews for you to try.  Grab a flight and see which of the brews are your favorite.  Our Palm Beach Porter has received outstanding feedback, as have all of our other classic brew styles such as Dr. K’s Double IPA.  Join the ranks of our taste-testers and tell us what you think!  We would love to hear your take on our brews.

If you’re interested in some non-traditional brews, we have a few of those as well!  We’re not immune to the lure of innovative new flavors and brewing styles.  We also love to show off the handiwork of our fellow brewers, so be sure to check out the guest taps and try some of those styles as well!

Until we see you, we hope you have safe travels, happy days, and delicious meals.  Cheers!


Feb 22, 2018