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Artisan Food and Wood Fired Brick Ovens

Our Journey

Every few years, there emerges a coveted piece of cookware that every home desires to own. Breville sandwich toaster was a must have in 80’s, so was the kitchen granite worktop and Le Creuset casserole dish in 90’s. It may sound so yesterday to think of food made in a wood fired brick oven but in recent years, wood-burning ovens have re-emerged to be a much-sought after piece of cooking equipment, and so is the artisan food made with them. From bread, bagel, pizzas, roasts, and broils, wood fired brick ovens can elegantly work on your favorite recipes.

Cooking in Wood Fired Brick Ovens

Just like the “normal” oven, you can cook virtually any artisan food in a wood fired brick oven. For example, you can bake flour tortillas when the oven if firing, bake bread or roast when the temperature stabilizes and then pizza when the fire dies down. However, cooking in a wood fired brick ovens some finesse and skill, especially when it comes to hearth temperature, steam application, cooking times and oven’s heat cycle.

There are not many classified recipes for wood fired brick ovens, hence most of the cooking is adapted from gas or electric oven recipes. Unlike the “normal” oven, cooking in a wood fired brick oven is more versatile. You get to enjoy the option of cooking with fire or cooking with a crisp radiant heat that turns artisan food into a wonderful delicacy. Wood fired brick ovens are now the preferred cooking kit for artisan food with the trend being replicated in food and drink festivals.

Finding Tasty Artisan Food

It’s no doubt that artisan food made out of a wood fired brick oven is increasingly becoming popular. A lot of restaurants are now offering affordable dinners to enjoy artisan foods at discounted prices, a great opportunity to check out some of those local places. Even craft breweries are starting to add artisan foods to their taproom menus. You can enjoy a whole chicken rubbed with garlic and olive oil or a taste a perfectly baked pizza with great texture and aroma.

Cooking artisan food in a wood fired brick oven is an old cherished tradition but there many bistros dedicated to love of the craft. Many of these artisan food stops use locally sourced ingredients to create tasty delicacies with artisan roasts, baked pizzas, cheeses and much more. The popularity of the craft beer industry has further made artisan foods a pairing signature of appetizers. You can enjoy a burgeoning craft beer and artisan food, all rolled out in a culinary adventure.

West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault has a wood fired brick oven, too!

Here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, we’ve taken the steps to purchase and install one of these great brick ovens in our own kitchen.  We plan to offer plenty of artisan food for our patrons to pair up with either some outstanding craft brews on tap or a selection of premium wines that are stored in our 12,000 bottle wine vault.  We hope to see all of you in October when we open our doors to the public and look forward to seeing what artisan food pairings you come up with!


Jul 14, 2017