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Barrel aged beer and distilleries

Our Journey

barrel aged beer would not be possible without distilleriesFor those who love barrel aged beer, we want to give credit to some of the outstanding distilleries that allow us to produce all of the great beers you enjoy.  While we realize that there are outstanding wine barrel aged brews out there, today we are going to focus on barrel aging in spirits barrels.  While there are a wide variety of these types of barrels out there, the majority of the barrels selected by craft breweries are bourbon barrels, such as those from Jim Beam or Wild Turkey.  Many of these barrels are sold to Australian companies for use, as the two-year-old barrels are perfect for aging a variety of products like soy sauce, beer, and many other products that you may not have thought about.

The companies that manufacture the new barrels are called cooperages.  While some cooperages only sell new barrels, some also handle used barrels.  Unfortunately, purchasing even up to just 100 barrels can be difficult.  Most distilleries and cooperages want to sell their entire lot at once, which can be tricky if you don’t have storage space.  However, the effort is certainly worth it, as these barrels will produce some outstanding barrel aged beer!

Teamwork among breweries is the key to success!

While we could bemoan the fact that buying just 100 barrels is difficult, we won’t, because that is where the closeness of the craft brewing industry comes in handy!  After all, if you can order enough barrels to cover three breweries, you can all save on the costs of shipping right?  Working together with each other offers craft breweries the opportunity to do what they do best.  Craft amazing barrel aged beer.

Here in the United States, there are over 4,000 craft breweries and that number is growing every year.  That means there are 3,999 potential teammates out there who are likely just as interested in buying some bourbon barrels or rum barrels.  We try to remember that when considering a purchase because working together is what helps to keep us successful.  Just look at the craft breweries in south Florida!  Those guys are bringing new meaning to the word community and they’re certainly well-versed in teamwork!

Dedication and cooperation breed respect and great barrel aged beer

This dedication to the craft is why the craft brewing industry is finding so much success when talking to distilleries.  These market giants already know what it means to work together and our teamwork shows them we’re serious too.  By working together with each other and the distilleries who provide our barrels, we know that we can create amazing barrel aged beer well into the future.

Here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, we look forward to our future opening and the many opportunities that are sure to follow.  Our hats are off to the many distilleries that have made barrel aging a possibility in our craft!



Jan 13, 2017