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Barrel-aged craft beer is outstanding

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One of the great things about the craft brewing industry is the great range of diversity we have in our brews. From barleywine to barrel-aged craft beer like Backwoods Bastard and more, there seems to be no end to the variety of brews we have to choose from. This post is focused on barrel-aged craft beer that we really love.

What are the characteristics of a barrel-aged craft beer?

Barrel-aged craft beer can be found in as great a variety as the brewing styles themselves. This is due to the fact that so many different brewing styles can be barrel aged! Although there are those out there who would prefer that barrel aging not be used, it is an undeniable fact that this type of aging has gained a rapid and large amount of popularity and simply is not going away.

Barrel-aged brews tend to feature:

  • Color:  The color of these brews vary and can reach any range at all.  From the palest straw to the darkest black, you’ll have a great time finding brews throughout the color range.
  • ABV:  As with color, the ABV of barrel-aged craft beer can hit anywhere in the spectrum.  We’ve found plenty of brews with ABVs that hit the highest part of the range and we must say, these are sipping brews to be sure.
  • IBU:  Whether you prefer a smooth and mild brew or one that has a decidedly bitter bite, you can find it with a barrel-aged craft beer.

Barrel-aged brews are also great for pairing with foods like:

  • Seasoned Ribeye
  • Barbecued Pork
  • Szechuan Beef
  • Jambalaya
  • Shrimp Etouffee
  • Chicken Alfredo

What barrel-aged craft beer should we add to our list?

There are plenty of barrel-aged craft beer labels that should be added to everyone’s treasure hunt list for the year. We’re extremely happy that so many craft breweries have taken a shine to this type of aging, as it has been the cause of several amazing brews over the years. We’ve put together a modest list of barrel-aged craft beer labels for you to find including:

Although this is a short list of brews, each one is distinct in flavor and aroma and they vary as much as the craft brewing industry itself has done over the centuries. Barrel-aged craft beer is not going away anytime soon, so be sure to find some of these delightful brews and try them. Don’t forget to stop back here and leave us a comment about the barrel-aged craft beer you have found and what you thought of them. We love hearing from our readers and your comment will likely become a part of our next post about this brewing style! In the meantime, happy brewing from all of us at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault!


Jun 23, 2017