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Beer humor : That night you took a cab home

Our Journey

We’ve all had that night.  The night where you or one of your friends had a bit too much and it was time to steal their keys before they could make a mistake.  Whether the event was happy, sad, or a bar fight happened, you spent the next week laughing at or with each other over the results and swore you would never do it again.  Until the weekend came along and well, things happen.

We recently came across a funny little bit of beer related humor while browsing across our FaceBook page that made all of us smile and we thought we’d share it with the rest of you.  The original storyteller is unknown, as is the nature of such epic tales on that social media platform, but we bet they were hilarious.

The gentleman and the Taxi

drink-1870140__340It had been a long day at the ranch and the buddies and I decided it was time for a good night of beer and (hopefully) some pretty women.  Now, my buddies have a bit more sense than I do.  That is to say they have the sense to know I won’t refuse a drink and I do stupid things when I’m drunk.  That good sense leads them to provide me with a reason… to get drunk.

While this would normally not be an issue, for some reason I was in a prime mood to let them succeed in their endeavors.  There were no pretty women around in the local watering hole, so it was just us, having a good time, and having a bit too much to drink.  At the end of the night, I realized that I was far too intoxicated to drive my truck.  Good sense stated there was only one course of action to follow.  I would simply have to take a taxi.


Applauding myself for having such good sense, I soon noticed that sure enough, there was the roadblock I had feared up ahead.  My fear abated as the officers noted the Taxi sign and waved us through as if we were VIPs at a rock concert.  I thought to myself “I should take a cab more often, that was awesome!”.  Soon I reached my home, got out, and wobbled my way in the door and to my bed, still proud of my good sense of judgment.  In the morning I woke up, got dressed, grabbed that absolutely needed glass of coffee and sat down.  Glancing out my window I smiled.  I was, of course, still pretty proud of myself, and maybe still a little bit drunk.  Ok, no maybe to it, I was still hammered, but that’s neither here nor there.  Anyone and their dog could see I had done the smart thing and managed to not go to jail the previous night.

As I sat there drinking my coffee, it occurred to me that I was pretty darn amazing.  After all, I’d never driven a taxi before and I drove like a pro that night.  I’m still trying to figure out what to do with the taxi.  I certainly can’t drive it around, I’m not a taxi driver, and it seems they’re stopping all taxis now.  Something about a taxi being stolen a few nights ago.  I sure feel for whoever did that.  Just glad I made it home!


Dec 24, 2016