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Are you part of Beer it Forward?

Our Journey

If you haven’t heard of Beer it Forward, then you really need to head over to West Palm Beach Brewery and get involved.  Come on in and see what we’re up to and where the board currently sits.  We started the Beer it Forward movement as a way to have some fun and gift a nice surprise to someone else.  The board is filling up faster than we could have expected and we think it’s great!

Get involved with the Beer it Forward movement!Beer it Forward is a great way to have fun and surprise people

Sure, you might think this idea is a bit crazy, but people are having a great time gifting a brew to the next person to fit their bill.  For example, on the board shown there are examples that allow a wide range of people to make the possible claim!  You could choose to gift someone you know or create your own set of guidelines.  The idea is just to do something nice for someone else.

If you don’t happen to live in the West Palm Beach area, why not suggest this idea to your own local brewery?  We’re sure your friends and neighbors would love it!  With such an open system, you could easily turn it into a treasure hunt.  For example, you could Beer it Forward to the next person to bring in their wife.  Yes, this is a legitimate “treasure hunt” for couples.  If you’ve ever had to find your husband or wife at the Mall, you know the struggle.

You can expect to see plenty of great ideas on the Beer it Forward board

One of the great things about being located in West Palm Beach is that we get to see people from all over the world.  This has led to plenty of interesting requirements on the board!  From brews waiting for folks from Cambridge, UK to those lucky FedEx drivers out there who may need to kick back after a long day of hefting packages, the variety is great!

Stop on in and see if you meet the requirements of one of the brews on the board, or add one of your own!  We’d love to see you and hear your feedback on the board, the great craft beer we have on tap, and the delicious food available at The Intracoastal Kitchen located here at the brewery.  Until then, happy sipping!




Jan 22, 2018