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Beers and bikes: Runamucca

Our Journey

Runamucca, the Nevada version of bike week, is likely one of the most well-known events in the western states.  With hundreds of bikes showing up every year, several casinos hosting events, and some interesting shows being featured, it’s hard to resist making a trip each year.  Although the past couple of years have seen some down-slide to event-goer numbers, this was largely due to rain and a higher number is expected in years to come.  We certainly hope people continue to see the value of the many great beers and bikes that are involved in this yearly event!

Runamucca offers plenty of beers and bikesThe event itself is hosted in Winnemucca, Nevada, a small city with a big casino influence, that is located in northern Nevada just a few hours from Reno.  Each year people flock to the town to watch the bike shows, bands, and the famous Burning of the Bike which tends to conclude the event as a whole.  Several casinos in town provide entertainment, such as Winners Inn and Casino who hosts the largest part of the event itself from scheduling bands to arranging the outstanding aerial bike show performed in recent years.

Runamucca also brings out the revelry of the local bar scene, with bars like Mike’s MineShaft even cordoning off areas specifically for bike parking and putting up their own outdoor beer garden complete with patio furniture and couches for people to relax while having a drink in between events.  This bar has a reputation for being a pretty hot place to be, with its “clothing optional” rules and welcoming atmosphere.  Known mostly as a biker and miner bar, they serve a wide variety of drinks from Icky IPA to Angry Orchard and they’ve been known to have the best Bloody Mary bar in the county!  This is the place to find some of the best beers and bikes during the event.

Overall, Runamucca provides a great distraction and a darn good reason for a road trip, as the number of vendors increases each year and the bands are pretty darn good.  This year there were several beautifully crafted bikes in attendance and we hope they see more in the future.


Dec 26, 2016