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Bells Two Hearted Ale is outstanding!

Our Journey

Bell’s Brewery is coming out with some pretty great craft beer and we recently had a chance to check out a few of them.  This company has been around since 1983, though Larry Bell started his journey in the 70’s while working with Sarkozy Brewing.  His love for the craft is evident in every bottle, as he had enough drive to start with just a 15-gallon soup kettle!

We’ve seen quite a few breweries that have started out in this way, learning the craft and finding some of the best blends for their brews, and the results are quite amazing.  Bell’s is a great example of how a craft brewery can begin as a super small operation and end up turning out some of the most delicious brews on the market.

Bell's Two Hearted Ale is great!Two Hearted Ale and many others show their dedication

Bell’s has a great variety of brews for you to check out and their Two Hearted Ale is one we definitely suggest you try.  This brew was an absolute delight to taste.  The aroma and flavor profile were very distinct in our view.  Don’t believe us?  Check it out for yourself, because we’re sure you’re going to love it.

Why do we think that?  Well, if you love a great hops blend that results in an aroma and flavor profile that you can enjoy for hours, you’re going to really enjoy this brew.  Bell’s has brought together a variety of hops ranging from earthy to fruity and the malt blended in created the best blend possible for this brew.

We’ve loved trying the many different brews that Bell’s offers and this is just the latest in our tasting journey.  They seem to pop up with a great new brew so often that we have trouble keeping up!  For example, check out their brew page and see what they have to offer at this time.  The variety is outstanding!  Our resident Portaholic even has a favorite or two from these folks, and that takes some pretty serious quality.

What other brews does Bell’s have to offer?

Bell’s offers brews ranging from stouts to session ales and more.  Their Oatsmobile Ale is great and our entire staff agreed on that.  Our Portaholic enjoyed not only the brew, but the artwork on the label, as she said it’s a great example of how wonderful the labels in the craft brewing world are.  The artwork depicted on their labels shows that they are dedicated to their craft, their community, and the art community as well.

In addition to Oatsmobile, they also offer Oarsman Ale, a very tart wheat ale that seems to be picking up quite a bit of popularity.  This brew has a great taste to it and the slightly sour flavor matches perfectly with the citrus and lemon aromas of the Cascade hops used in the brew.  It seems to pair up very well with several different rich meals and made a perfect contrast to our chicken alfredo!

Bell’s also provides some pretty great events!

The events at Bell’s Eccentric Cafe are worth a road trip, as they feature a lot of different bands, as well as their outstanding craft beer.  Check out their many events coming up through the end of March, as well as a full calendar already scheduled for the future!  We’re proud of the way they support the Arts, as without music and art our future generations would suffer greatly.

Check out Bell’s Beer the first chance you get.  You won’t regret it, and we’ve had a great time on our journey tasting their many great brews.  Drop us a comment to let us know what craft beers you have found that really pop and perhaps they will become our next feature!


Mar 20, 2017