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Bellwoods Brewery: Not your everyday brewery

Our Journey

We’re sure you’ve all heard of Bell’s Brewing, but have you heard of Bellwoods Brewery? If not, then you really need to get out there and start adventuring! Nothing beats a great craft beer adventure and that’s exactly what we found in visiting Bellwoods Brewery, where the craft beer is outstanding, the people are friendly, and the dedication we witnessed was nearly jaw-dropping.

What is Bellwoods all about?

When you think of dedication to the craft brewing industry, the connoisseurs of the craft brewing world, and the great beer that is being produced across the United States, Bellwoods should be near, if not at, the top of the list of breweries that come to mind. They have an outstanding operation set up, which says quite a lot with so many new craft breweries opening up all over the United States in recent years. It would seem like it is hard to pick a shining example out of such a sea of excellence, but Bellwoods definitely rose to the top quickly.

Opening in 2012 in Toronto, these folks say their main goal was to “not run out of beer”, which was apparently a bit difficult at times, and remains so today on occasion! To us that screams popularity (and a few festivals that may have totally drained the town) and we found out exactly why their brews have become so very popular in the surrounding area. To put it simply, their craft beer is absolutely delicious!

What does Bellwoods have to offer?

Besides having great staff that offer a wealth of knowledge to those who are willing to ask questions during their visit, and a taproom that is interesting and filled with folks who love craft beer, Bellwoods offers some really great craft brews in a variety of styles. Whether you’re into hoppy IPAs, delicious Stouts, or a really smooth Porter, Bellwoods probably has something available either by the bottle or on tap for you to enjoy.

We really do want to mention the great range of dry-hopped IPAs that seem to be available through Bellwoods Brewery. These folks make some seriously amazing IPAs that the hopheads absolutely adore and, after trying a few, we simply must agree. Check out their Monogamy double Dry-hopped IPA and then make sure to give their Lost River Baltic Porter a try as well.

Don’t forget to stop back in and let us know what you thought about their great brews! We highly suggest taking a guided tour and then hitting up the taproom. Also, remember to grab a few bottles to take home with you, as you’ll definitely want to!


Jul 14, 2017