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Best Brewery Restaurant in Palm Beach?


Which Palm Beach Brewery has the best food?  Or, put another way, which is the best brewery restaurant in Palm Beach? We all know that craft beer lovers enjoy a good bite to eat.  And while most breweries do NOT have a restaurant or kitchen, many do use food trucks. But for those breweries in south Florida that do have restaurants, or somehow offer food, which brewery has the best food? Check out the West Palm Beach Brewery at 332 Evernia Street, West Palm Beach, FL 33401.  Here’s 5  reasons why this Palm Beach brewery has the best food and why this downtown, just-opened, brewery is the best brewery restaurant in South Florida. 

  1. Best Brewery Restaurant.  Most breweries do NOT have a restaurant.  Some offer food trucks and some invite you to order food from other restaurants and eat the food there at the brewery.  Now…if there only a Palm Beach brewery that had great food made right on sight with passion ….. hhhhhmmmmm…..That’s right, the West Palm Brewery created a restaurant called The Intracoastal Kitchen.  The owner was adamant that a slightly upscale, artisan kitchen be installed when constructing the brewery, tap room and 10 barrel production facility and fermentation room in 2017.  Check out the $20,000 hand made wood fire oven which was made just for the West Palm Brewery by American workers in Sonoma, California.  The food menu  https://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-food/  is limited, but is artisan, fresh and made in sight !  You can find healthy options like an arugula salad or caesar salad, fire roasted cauliflower or asparagus (wrapped with proscuito), Grandma’s Meatballs in a wonderful red sauce (ask for Grandma’s garlic bread !), fire roasted (never fried!) wings, sliders, and new, filet bites on focaccia.  And do NOT forget the very best pizza in Palm Beach made right there in a wood fire oven, Florence style !  Check out the reviews on Yelp and Google.  https://www.yelp.com/biz/west-palm-brewery-and-wine-vault-west-palm-beach?osq=Brewery+Restaurants
  2. This Brewery Restaurants’s food is made to order.  That’s right, at the best brewery restaurant in Palm Beach, you can sit at the open kitchen “bar” and watch your food prepared before your very eyes, while you are watching a game or late breaking national news, or even hurricane updates.  You see, the brewery has an 82″ HD Smart TV, and ten other 65″ Smart HD televisions.  While the West Palm Brewery is NOT a sports bar, we know that you like to watch something, like a game now and then.
  3. Local Ingredients.   The brewery does its best to source all ingredients locally, in an effort to create a farm to table experience.  If you have tried the beer, you KNOW, or read about it, that the brewery’s beer production process never, ever, uses extracts or sweeteners or artificial ingredients.  That same artisan, craft process also applies to the brewery restaurant and their wine selection. What this brewery, restaurant and wine bar offer is sincere, artisan and made with passion.  Ask about Happy Hour and daily specials up on the paper roll.  Who has the best food at a South Florida brewery?  You be the judge and be sure see what new creations are being added to the menu.  Oh yes, while we strive to support local family farms and especially Florida farms and Palm Beach county farms, you should know that the environment is important to this brewery.  They actually have an environmental statement or mission: https://www.westpalmbeer.com/brewery-environmental-mission-statement/
  4. This Brewery Has Wine!    Which Palm Beach brewery has the best wine?  Hands down, the West Palm Brewery!  Why?  The brewery offers over 20 limited production,   https://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-wines/  vineyard direct, premium wines which are made exclusively for the Brewery out in places like Napa, Santa Barbara, Sta. Rita Hills, Sonoma and from premium vineyard blocks in Washington state.    They know that not everyone is a craft beer drinker, but many want a really good glass of wine, or a bottle to take home.  So check out The Vault, which is the brewery’s Napa Valley like wine bar, tasting room and retail store for wines that are exceptional and which you won’t find anywhere else, located right there, on the premises at the West Palm Beach Brewery. Want to host friends or family or business associates?  Ask the Wine Director about getting the VIP room or table and having a private wine dinner or food pairing.  https://www.westpalmbeer.com/private-wine-tastings/
  5. Easy Going!  You’ve got options !!  Want to sit inside where there is air conditioning?  Want to have dinner at the Wine Bar?  Dinner at the Long Bar or the open kitchen?  You got it!  This brewery has outdoor seating, shade, outdoor table service, is pet friendly and family friendly.  It’s got a great vibe, live music most Sundays, and a wine club !  What’s that have to do with having the best brewery restaurant in Palm Beach or South Florida?  They created an experience at 332 Evernia Street that you just don’t get at other places.  They are easy going, fun, and respectful of you, your pets and your family.  They think that’s important, and, telling by the reaction of the craft beer community in Florida and the patrons, I think others agree, too. 


Jul 7, 2018