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Who has the best tasting craft beer in South Florida?


Who has the best tasting craft beer in Florida or Palm Beach?  Well, that’s a GREAT discussion that will probably go un-answered, but here are some things that craft beer lovers consider when discussing who has the best tasting craft beer in Florida. 

  • One Size Does Not Fit All.   When trying to figure out who has the best tasting craft beer in Florida, or Palm Beach County, you have to remember that not everyone has a professional taster’s palate.  And, not everyone likes the same beer.  There are those who adore IPA’s and don’t care for dark beers.  Others, ONLY like rich, dark porters, brown ales, and stouts.  I think we all have friends who can’t stand IPAs and others who only drink “easy sipping” beers like lagers or pilsners. So, keep an open mind and consider whether you want a brewery that makes your one & only favorite beer, or one who has a number of great tasting beers.  
  • 20 Craft Beers.  Does depth matter when trying to figure out who has the best tasting craft beer in Palm Beach ?  Does it matter that one brewery may have, say, 5 craft beers while another has considerably more? Does the tap system matter?  At the West Palm Beach Brewery, their tap room has a 20 tap system which means that they offer 20 craft beers   https://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-beers/ on tap at all times.  Variety can be a factor in trying to determine who has the best tasting craft beer. 
  • Best Tasting Craft Beer + Consistency .  Are there breweries where you visit them and they offer variety + consistently good beers?  Isn’t it easier to believe that a certain brewery has the “best tasting” craft beer if there is always a rotating line of new beers that give you another chance to experience something really great or unique?  What about those breweries where they consistently make “good” beers? Where you try new and different beers each time that you visit their tap room and you repeatedly like the new craft drafts? 
  • Pushing Limits or Trying New Things   And talking about the number of craft beers which a particular Florida brewery offers, and the variety of craft beer, what about trying new things?  If you have visited Florida breweries, or a craft beer aisle or refer in Total Wine, https://www.totalwine.com/  or Whole Foodshttps://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/   or even ABC Fine Wine & Spirits,  https://www.abcfws.com/ you will notice, very often, new + different craft beers and flavor profiles.  Some believe it’s going too far.  While craft beer lovers tip their hat to trying new things and putting a twist on a consistent favorite (think Guava IPA or Raspberry Blonde Ale), others feel that sometimes breweries go to far. Should a dark beer really taste like a chocolate cake?  Should the new beer menu resemble the ice cream aisle of a Publix Supermarket? 
  • Quality, Quality, Quality.  Finally, quality + ingredients should matter.  After all, doesn’t a brewery get more points by using natural ingredients instead of “cheating” by using extracts or flavorings to enhance, or change, the profile of a beer?  At the West Palm Beach Brewery, they NEVER use extracts or flavorings.  They only use the finest ingredients, like high quality hops, malts and barleys.  They source local fruit for such popular beers as their B4 Razz (Blonde Ale), Blueberry Wheat Beer, Guava IPA and their Strawberry Blonde.  Some craft beer lovers, much like a fine wine consumer or sommelier, can tell just from sipping that beer if the ingredients are natural or whether the beer has been “doctored.”
  • So, in the end, consider these factors when trying to determine who has the best tasting craft beer in Palm Beach or Florida.  The analysis is probably more of a matrix, rather than a “yes” or “no” set of questions.  And each of these factors can be weighed more heavily, or, perhaps may be less important, than others.  In the end, the Florida craft beer industry is still young and thriving.  There are some artisans out there who are risking their money, opening breweries, and creating exceptional craft beers.  Finding them is a craft beer journey that can be fun and adventurous, especially in the “slow” summer months of a humid and steamy South Florida. Stay small. Stay local. And stay craft. 


Jul 12, 2018