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Big names buying in to the niche

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It seems that Anheuser-Busch is feeling the pinch as the craft brewing industry rises higher in popularity.  Already having purchased Devil’s Backbone, they’ve also set their sights on, and acquired, Birra del Borgo, an outstanding Italian brewery whose large size just might keep A-B in the market a while longer.  However, what does this mean for craft breweries around the world?  What will new craft breweries do with big names buying their way to power in the industry?

Why are big names buying up smaller craft breweries?

Demand for quality beer has big names buying out small breweriesWe all know that the craft brewing industry is a widely varied one, with several small breweries popping up all over the world.  What happens when the big names start to panic and buyout breweries one-by-one?  The entire concept of small craft breweries was to provide variety and to be able to give communities some creative press and a local economy boost.  Not to mention the tourism draw they create as enthusiasts plan road trips to see each one and taste their fare.  Will large buyouts have an effect on the success of these smaller businesses?  After all, look what happened with Wal-Mart as smaller department stores were pushed out of the market over time.

With A-B setting its sights on one brewery after another, we have to look at what this could do to smaller breweries.  While the craft brewing industry has certainly blown up in the past decade, we want to ensure that our growth is sustainable when coming up against the larger producers, especially ones who have the backing to really take over. While the hope is that these bigger names realize the need for smaller, specialty breweries, this is not always the case with big business.

No matter what the result, we’re sure that smaller breweries will continue to open and the communities they support will keep them rocking.  After all, that is why these small craft breweries open in the first place, for their community.

Information about the purchase was obtained from BizJournal.


Dec 26, 2016