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Big Sky is a huge hit

Our Journey

When you hear the words “big sky”, what do you think of first?  Is it perhaps the view from an airplane?  Or how about the sky at night as you kick back on the porch?  When we hear the words “big sky” we think of Big Sky Brewing Company in Missoula, Montana, where you can not only drink a Big Sky, but you can watch one as well since Montana has some of the most open sky views in the United States.  These folks are absolutely amazing and their interesting sense of humor caught our attention in a big way.  After all, it’s not every day we agree to drink Moose Drool.

You drank Moose Drool?!

Indeed, we most certainly did drink Moose Drool and it was the best darn Brown Ale we’d had in quite a while.  Yes, it’s a craft beer, and no, we didn’t drink actual moose drool.  That would be disgusting.  This wasn’t disgusting, it was delicious and the label art was spot on as well.  Not surprising coming from folks who make creativity their passion and have turned it into an artform of crafty proportions.

Now, to help you understand the amusing humor possessed by the brewmaster at this great craft brewery, perhaps we should make a list of some of the brews available from these masters of amusement.  Below we have created a short list of the brews available at Big Sky Brewing, so you can better understand their flavor of fun.

  • Moose Drool
  • Trout Slayer
  • Scape Goat
  • Powder Hound
  • Slow Elk

Now, you are likely getting the picture here.  These folks have a great sense of humor and their brews not only show that in their names, but their creativity shows in the label art as well, which features great artwork that you’re going to want to collect as much as you want to drink the great craft beer inside the bottles.

Visit their taproom and try some Moose Drool yourself!

Ok, perhaps you won’t be able to force yourself to drink a brew called Moose Drool, but there are plenty of great brews with names that aren’t “quite” so blatant.  Brews like their Big Sky IPA, Shake of the Day, and more.  In addition to delicious brews, they have decor that creates a very comfortable atmosphere and the local patrons will make you feel right at home.

Be sure to stop back in and tell us about your experience, as well as which of their brews you chose to try.  We’d love to hear from you and your comment might spark our next feature post!  In the meantime, happy tasting!



Jun 19, 2017