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Blonde Ale Most Popular Craft Draft Made in West Palm Beach


The B4 Blonde Ale is the most popular craft draft made on the premises at the craft brewery West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault.  Here’s what you need to know about this easy sipping, most popular ale made at 332 Evernia Street.

  • Blonde Ale Easy Sippin’.  Before we opened up, we did a lot of craft beer market research, both in Palm Beach county and outside the sunshine state.  We found that while many craft beer lovers adore dark beers like porters, stouts and Russian Imperial Stouts, consumers who favored craft beer seemed to keep coming back to an easy sipping beer. In Florida, you can get that, right?  With our heat and humidity?  So, when we designed the West Palm Brewery, our designers, planners, architects and contractors took this in mind.  How do we make the first downtown craft brewery in West Palm Beach “easy” for easy sipping?
  • Outside Seating and A/C Inside.  And with our outdoor seating and indoor (we have air conditioning) seating for 170, there are a lot of places to sit back and enjoy an easy sipping beer. You can sample 20 craft beers from our tap system in our tap room or take a free brewery tour or wine tour  https://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-wines/and visit the production facility and fermentation room behind the glass. PS: we are pet friendly and family friendly so bring your well behaved dogs and strollers. Our outside seating has shade and table service for food from our restaurant  https://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-food/ and wine from our wine bar. https://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-wines/
  • IPAs Rock! Now, we all know that an IPA, or India Pale Ale, is almost the poster person for the craft beer industry.  There are a lot of reasons for this, including that the IPA is thirst quenching and delicious.  The owner of the West Palm Brewery actually enjoys one after playing tennis.  Yes, an IPA has a distinctive taste that was just not widely available when a lot of craft beer lovers were growing up.  Thank goodness the craft beer industry has expanded !!  But….
  • Not Everyone Loves IPAs. That’s the truth.  Even though I love our super hoppy Hop Gangsta and our MeterMaid IPA and our Dr. K’s Double IPA, I get, it. I understand that many craft beer consumers just don’t reach for an India Pale Ale. ‘Nough said.
  • Blonde Ales Get It Done. Ales, however,…. get it done. Ales are easy sipping, relatively straightforward to make, are refreshing + tasty.  On the palate, ales can be “lighter” or easier to consume, more so, certainly, than dark beers or higher alcohol beers like IPAs.  Simply put, ales have a lot of appeal to a number of consumers.
  • B4 Blonde Ale in West Palm!  Our B4 Blonde Ale is our most popular beer and we are now making more of it than ever before.  We are also listening to our customers and friends who want blonde ale spinoffs, so you can try the B4 Razz made with organic raspberries, or the Strawberry Blonde which uses Plant City, Florida strawberries. Check the chalkboard to see what’s on tap. Take a look through the glass from our tap room and Long Bar into our fermentation room to see what our chief brewer has in tanks ready to go.  There are signs on the tanks telling everyone what new craft beers will soon be on tap, at 37 degrees, at the West Palm Brewery, a short walking distance from the Palm Beach Convention Center http://www.pbconventioncenter.com/ and CityPlace. Please know that we take our craft beer mission seriously, as we do our respect for you, our consumers.  We never, ever, use extracts or fake ingredients or flavor enhancers.  Everything is natural.  
  • What Others Say About Us.  Please check out our reviews on Google and Yelp: https://www.yelp.com/biz/west-palm-brewery-and-wine-vault-west-palm-beach?osq=brewery


Jun 19, 2018