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Boston Beer: Because sometimes we just do it

Our Journey

It’s not often we talk about breweries that have gone towards the commercial end of the pond, but they are out there and they do deserve credit for some of the honestly good brews they’ve created.  Sure, we’re independent craft beer enthusiasts, but that does not mean we’re not going to try a good beer no matter where it comes from.  With that in mind, we want to give a nod to Boston Beer Company, the creators of Samuel Adams beer.

Wait, what, really?

Indeed, we’re serious.  Yes, we realize that Boston Beer has climbed to the edge of commercial brewing and, for the most part, crossed over.  However, that does not change the fact that they do produce some pretty good beer overall.  For example, take Samuel Adam’s Boston Lager, which was created using Jim Koch’s great-great grandfather’s recipe for brewing.  The brew is honestly pretty good and holds its own in the ring.

We’re not saying that every commercial brew out there is great because, to be honest, they’re not.  When we compare them with brews coming from independent craft breweries, we can taste, feel, and literally see the difference, which is why we do not often talk about the commercial side of the brewing industry.  However, we have no problem pointing out a few good brews that are coming from the dark side.  After all, competition is part of the fun.

Ok, so what does Boston Beer have going for them?

We certainly cannot say that “every” BB brew we’ve tried is going to sit next to our other craft beers in our stash.  However, we can admit that their Rebel IPA is pretty good as a stand-alone brew.  They’ve also released Rebel Rouser, which isn’t too bad either.  For those just starting into IPAs, these would certainly work as an entrance brew selection before moving on to the bigger and more hopcentric craft brews out there.

Overall, BB has done a good job of holding the interest of the beer loving world, and we’re pretty sure they will continue to do so.  We hope to see some of the folks from BB coming up with ideas that will pull them a bit closer to the style of the independents in the future and look forward to seeing what they come up with to compete with the many craft breweries that have opened over the years.

Is there a Boston Brewing label you like?

We’re interested in hearing from you.  Is there a label that you’ve truly enjoyed from Boston Beer, but have been hesitant to admit to?  Tell us about it in the comments.  We’d love to hear from our readers and we look forward to seeing all of you in October at our own opening in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Until then, happy tasting!


Jul 6, 2017