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A brew to fish for this April

Our Journey

Dogfish Head Brewing is probably one of the most interesting craft breweries in the industry.  Having started out with such a little operation, it’s outstanding that they’ve come so far over time.  Of course, you already know this if you’ve read our recent large feature on them.  If not, head over and do so, because these folks are a success story that really deserves the read.  That said, we’d like to take a moment to feature one of the brews of theirs that we found to be exceptionally great.  After all, that’s kind of the point of creating posts right?  To let you know about things we’ve tried, seen, heard, and think are great?  Ok then, on to the brew!

Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale is amazing!Make a great catch with Indian Brown Ale

Indian Brown is a blending of three different ale styles that turned out to be the best possible blending they could have imagined.  If you love the sweet caramel of Scotch Ale, you’re going to want to try this brew.  The same can be said for the Hopheads out there that really love a hoppy IPA.  There is plenty of hops in Indian Brown to keep you wanting more.  Happen to love the gorgeous, rich color of American Brown Ale?  Then this brew will appeal to you, too!

We were a touch hesitant about such a diverse mixture of ales at first, as sometimes this experimentation can turn out, well, quite terribly to be honest.  However, Indian Brown is the opposite of terrible.  It’s exceptionally fantastic!  Sure, we’ve found quite a few brews out there that we really like, but the odds of us really enjoying such a diverse blend were slim.  Somehow this brew just really took hold of us and sent us on an aroma and flavor journey that could not be stopped.

Indian Brown Ale notes:

  • As we mentioned, this is a three-style brew and it really works. The Scotch Ale notes are spot on with this one, and we’ve seen ales fail in this area in the past.
  • The IPA-style hopping plus dry hopping of the brew kept it from being too much on the Scotch side and we’re loving the hops aromas that came into play with this practice.
  • The Aromatic barley used to brew this craft beer made a great partner for the hops and malts, while the brown sugar really added a sweet side to the hops character already imbued in the beer. Great combination that makes it pairable with a variety of foods, which is something we love in a craft beer.

Overall, this brew has earned a high place in our books.  The creative thinking behind the brew caught us first, then the brew proved itself to be just as great as DFH staff claimed.  We’re proud to say Indian Brown has crossed our tables and we tip our hats to the folks at Dogfish Head Brewery for their amazing innovation.


Apr 1, 2017