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Breweries of the World : Weihenstephan Brewery

Our Journey

Craft breweries have existed for over five thousand years, evidenced by both written and pictorial accounts throughout history.  The process for creating tasty and crisp beers has been refined throughout the centuries to reach its current quality standard.  Some breweries really set the bar high when it comes to the quality of their products.  Weihenstephan Brewery in Germany is one of those breweries.  They jokingly state that in order to go back far enough in history to where no beers were made there, you’d be going back before the birth of Charlemagne.  Ok, maybe they aren’t joking because this is one of the oldest breweries of the world!

Quality is the key in the oldest breweries of the worldFrom Royal Brewery to one of the oldest standing breweries of the world

What started as a monastery brewery run by Monks and referred to as the Royal Bavarian State Brewery, has slowly evolved into the current Weihenstephan Brewery and the amount of knowledge and expertise held by these brewmasters is incredible.  This is known as one of the oldest breweries of the world that has survived the ages and that fact simply cannot be ignored.  The experience really does show in their beer!  In fact, this old brewery has a few outstanding neighbors who like to debate as to which is the oldest brewery, creating a rivalry that pushes all of them to raise the quality bar every season.

The brewery produces a wide range of craft beers that include everything from pilsners to their Natur Radler which infuses lemonade and other fruity flavors with their classic light beer.  The result is outstanding, which is par for the course at this amazing craft brewery.  You can check out their list of beers before setting up a tour that will take you back through time.

After you’ve had a chance to taste some of the delicious brews available from this age old brewery, head over to their Gastronomy (restaurant) for some of the healthiest and tastiest fresh foods you could ever find.  To discover a brewery so old that cares about the health of their patrons in the full round is a treasure and we hope this brewery lasts another thousand years in its perfect state.


Jan 2, 2017