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Breweries you can’t afford to miss

Our Journey

As we work our way towards our own opening in West Palm Beach in April, we’ve been trying out several of the craft beers on the market.  What we’ve found are some outstanding breweries you really can’t afford to miss out on this year.  From Russian Imperial Stouts to fruit-flavored brews that really surprised us, we’ve tasted a wide variety of beer and we’ll outline a few of the breweries we think you should check out as soon as you can.

While we could go on all day about the many craft beers we’ve tried that really rock, we’re going to try to limit our list to a few breweries today.  After all, if we tell you everything at once we’ll have nothing to tell you later right?  So here they are, three of the craft breweries you simply have to check out while you journey around the United States this year.

Several breweries you need to check out as soon as possible!

Accomplice Brewery and Cider WorksAccomplice is one of the breweries you really should visit! is the first on our list of “must see” breweries.  These guys produce some of the best cider on the market and we’re more than happy to give them a shout.  Make sure to purchase a flight and try a variety of the great brews they have on tap because just one kind is not enough to really appreciate the craftsmanship they put into their brews.  The dedication they put into all of their brews is admirable and we hope to see them keep producing outstanding cider well into the future.

As for their brews, we have pictured a flight that we ordered while visiting and we loved every single one of the offerings in the picture.  They really do know how to blend flavor in a way that teases your taste buds and has you wanting more.  We highly recommend their ciders to anyone that has a flavor addiction.  Check out their growler fills too so you can enjoy some later!

The next great craft brewery on our list is Twisted Trunk Brewing Company in Palm Beach Gardens.  These folks really know how to create awesome beer and you really should check them out.  They offer a great variety of brews and their Happy Hour and Detox Yoga are pretty cool too.  Detox Yoga is a Sunday event they offer that everyone can benefit from in major ways.  Get a healthier start on your week by popping in and taking a class, then grab a tasty brew to get a taste of what they have to offer on tap.

Moving on we come to Boulevard Brewing Company in Kansas City, Missouri.  If you’re on your way through Missouri you really need to check this place out.  When it comes to breweries you want to stop at, these guys are right up there on the list.  They offer a great range of brews for you to try and if you love IPAs, this is the perfect place for you!  They have a great list of year-round brews, as well as a hearty list of seasonals beers!  Check out their cool taproom, because we all know that these brews are better on tap!

Make a road trip to the breweries you want to try out in Florida and make it a vacation!

South Florida offers a great group of breweries you really should visit, including Accomplice, Twisted Trunk, and several others.  If you happen to head this way, you should definitely make a full vacation of the trip.  After all, what better way to spend your vacation?  You get to taste several amazing craft beers and enjoy some pretty great sights and events as well.  West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, and Palm Beach all offer a variety of breweries, museums, and art galleries for you to visit.  Not to mention we have some great restaurants, top-notch hotels, and quick transportation options that’ll have you at your destinations in a snap.

We hope to see you soon because we’re always working hard to make sure you know about the amazing craft beer available around the United States and other parts of the world.  Our own brewery, West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault, will be opening later this year, so if you make a vacation of it around that time, remember to check us out too!




Jan 22, 2017