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5 things to eat at this brewery restaurant: why West Palm Beach brewery’s food is ‘ so much more than a restaurant ‘


  Yes, this brewery has great food !!  What????…. So, you are a craft beer lover and get a bit hungry when you are in a micro-brewery or tap room, right?  AND…. you don’t want to order delivery or go to a food truck. Well, check out the brewery restaurant inside the West Palm Beach Brewery’s tap room.  You will be surprised by the high quality, attention-to-detail, we-use-local-ingredients approach to providing delicious food.  Or, as one craft beer distributor described this brewery food: “Easily, the best food in any brewery in the southeast.”  Wow!  Here’s what you need to know, and why people are referring to this place as the #1 brewery in Palm Beach County and South Florida.   Is there really a great brewery restaurant in Palm Beach County? https://www.foodandwine.com/

  • Brewery Restaurant.  Is less really more?  OK, so this brewery restaurant, which is slightly upscale, is called   The Intracoastal Kitchen and it has a limited menu.  But, what they do, they do well.  And, they have daily or weekly specials, so check the “paper roll” in the open bar kitchen, next to the wood fire stove, to the right of the Alpha Dog Zinfandel label poster.  “What we lack in variety, we make up for in taste and freshness” says West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault owner, John Pankauski. “I originally was NOT going to offer food.  I never wanted to own a restaurant: only a craft brewery and wine bar.  But everyone I was speaking with said ‘JP: you have to have food!’  So, my contractor and architect designed a small open kitchen.”  You’ll be glad that Pankauski second-guessed his gut and listened to his advisors.  Belly up to that open kitchen, grab a seat and watch the magic unfold before you eyes.  And palate. https://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-food/
  • Food Prepared Fresh Before Your Eyes:  the open kitchen in this brewery restaurant provides bar seating, and you can watch any number of games or national news on the high quality, HD TVs which are on the walls.  Slightly upscale, this brewery + restaurant is NOT a bar.  And, it’s also not an industrial, dirty brewery.  The tap room is clean, adorned in a grey colored, New England cottage style worn wood motif.  Although the menu is limited, the wood fire pizza oven is used for everything.
  • Wood Fire Pizza + Wings.  “OK” says Pankauski “If you told me that we were going to sell wings, I would not have believed you.  But my chef suggested it, and, frankly, that’s what patrons want.”  The brewery restaurant has typical brewery bites like meatball sliders on delics pretzel rolls, nachos (just drummed up for the NFL Sunday Ticket complete with jalapenos, delicious fixins and Loxahatchee honey: yes, honey drizzle).   Add warm oven heated pretzels with beer cheese and you have a cuisine suitable for their award winning, nationally acclaimed craft beer. (Seriously, they have medals from the 2018 US Open Beer Championships.)   Or, go to “Italy” with Italian inspired upmarket pizzas made in the wood fire oven.  Grab the arugula salad, charcuterrie or cheese plate to pair with over 30 wines https://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-wines/  found in their wine bar, called The Vault, a tribute to Napa Valley 90 rated wine tasting rooms.
  • Living Room + VIP Rooms.  Want a private tasting of beer, wine and cuisine? Want to host a private gathering? Talk to Wine Director Danielle  who joined from Napa Valley and runs The Vault.  She can arrange a private tasting or a private dinner or tasting in the VIP room.  There are also comfy sofas and chairs in the “living room” which fill up fast.  
  • 5 things to eat at this brewery restaurant.  OK. What to eat?  1) Brisket tacos; 2) Garlic lemon wings, wood charred; 3) Mama’s Meatballs with extra red sauce and basil; 4) Nico’s Calzone; 5) Any pizza.  How they make such great pizza (at a brewery, no less !) is due to the care and skill, indeed passion, of the folks in the kitchen.  Ask to meet Charlie or Nico, each who hails from Italy.  Their passion for food, great wine, enjoying it all with friends in a friendly environment shine through.  “It’s truly amazing” says Pankauski, proudly ” We really created something here.  Good food, friendly service, great beer and wine.  So much more than a brewery, really.  This exceeds my vision and expectations.  I hope it exceeds yours, as well.”


Oct 23, 2018