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Brewing a great time for all

Our Journey

Here in West Palm Beach, the goal is for everyone to have a great time.  That is why West Palm Beach Brewery is brewing a great time for all!  Do you enjoy classic craft beer styles?  We have them!  Are you interested in Limited Run craft beer types?  We often have those, too!

Brewing a great time means we're making great craft beer!Brewing a great time for all is hard work!

Our Chief Brewer, Joel Kodner, works hard every day to ensure we are providing great craft beer for everyone who walks in the door.  From the first pour of the day to the last, every glass is fresh, cold, and delicious.  On top of that, we have something for everyone!  Those who prefer a classic brewing style will enjoy our core beers such as Evernia St. Saison.

If you are lucky, you’ll catch some of our small-batch brews on tap as well!  We understand that everyone has a different style, so we’re trying to provide as many options as we can while remaining loyal to the classics.  Sure, we love a beer that tastes exactly as it was originally meant to.  However, we know you may enjoy a flavored brew on occasion, just like we do!  That’s why we’ve also taken the time to arrange for some guest brews to visit the taps!

Why include guest beer on the taps?

Including guest beer on our taps is one way for us to not only fill the needs of our patrons but also to salute other great breweries across the country.  Breweries like Bell’s Brewery, Nobo Brewing, Ballast Point, and more will grace our guest taps over time and the guest beer list is as changeable as the tastes of our patrons.  Variety is part of what makes the craft brewing industry so outstanding and we’re proud to offer some of that variety here at West Palm Beach Brewery.

Stop in while you are in West Palm Beach!  We are located on Evernia St. and we’d love to see you.  Don’t forget to ask about a tour while you are here and be sure to check out The Intracoastal Kitchen as well!  Get your fill of great craft beer, then enjoy some truly amazing dishes that will feed your soul before you head out on adventures.  We look forward to seeing you!


Jan 23, 2018