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This brewing company definitely knows our Fate

Our Journey

We all have that inner voice that wonders if someone really knows what we’re thinking, or perhaps can see what is going to happen in our life.  It’s a natural curiosity that invariably leads us towards companies and people with names that hint at some sort of mystic nature.  When we came across Fate Brewing Company in Boulder, Colorado, we simply could not resist paying them a visit.  After all, why not tempt Fate?

The taproom at Fate Brewing offers over two dozen brews!It turns out that Fate Brewing is great!

Sure, we knew they were going to be interesting before we ever walked in the door, but to find a craft brewing company that is so strongly dedicated to offering interesting brews with exceptional quality was a real joy.  These folks have over two dozen craft brews on tap, the majority of which are their own core brews or collaborations that we didn’t even realize existed!

It takes a truly grounded craft brewing company to collaborate with other breweries to bring about great craft brews for the craft beer community to enjoy.  We’re certainly glad we found these folks because their brews, both core and collaborative, are a joy to taste and we can’t wait to pay them a second visit later this year.  We highly suggest you take the time to visit them when you get the chance because you’ll fall in love with their brews.

Test your Fate and grab a tasty brew

Hit the taproom and check out some of the great brews these folks have on tap for you.  Not only do they offer over two dozen brews, they have some seriously great decor as well.  Better yet, why not arrange a private party if you happen to live in the area?  They offer a great range of options for this and the views are great.  As for the brews themselves, we tried several and were truly impressed with the aroma and flavor profiles present in their craft beer offerings.

We checked out Moirai IPA and Sudice American Stout out of their Core Beers, as well as Laimas Coffee Kolsch and Moirai Coffee IPA from their Specialty brews and we absolutely loved them.  You can see a full listing of their craft beer on tap on their site, where you’ll want to make a list of what you’re interested in.  Even so, you’re going to end up wanting to try pretty much everything they have, but please, do so in moderation.  We don’t want to be the ones that sent you into a craft-induced haze.  Sure, it could be fun, but a hotel room and taxi are highly suggested.

Happy Brewing from West Palm Beach

Make sure to leave us a comment about any of the great Fate brews you’ve had the opportunity to enjoy, as well as any more great craft breweries you’ve come across in Colorado, or anywhere else in the United States.  We love to hear from our readers and your comment just might be the inspiration for our next trip!  In the meantime, we’re going to be hard at work on our own brewery here in West Palm Beach, which is opening later this year.  We hope to see everyone there and happy brewing!


Apr 23, 2017