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When your brewing company is Epic

Our Journey

When beer “geeks” get together, the results can be absolutely epic, and thus Epic Brewing Company was formed when a few “geeks” got together after some serious legislation changes in Utah that allowed them to realize their dream of opening a craft brewing company.  Be afraid Big Brewing, be very afraid, because more new craft breweries are opening every year in the United States and the variety of interesting and creative brews they are turning out is amazing.  That is exactly what is happening at Epic Brewing Company as well, thanks to them having two decades of brewing experience to start them out on their brewing journey.

A tale of two states and some amazing brews

While there are plenty of new craft breweries popping up all over the United States, these folks have Denver, Colorado and Salt Lake City, Utah nailed down pretty tight.  Both locations have great craft beer available on tap and you will definitely want to check out both locations because the staff members are phenomenal.  This brewing company has a fortune piled high if you add up the many years of experience their staff members possess, which affords them a really great foundation to work from.

As for the brews, those are equally outstanding and we’ve compiled a quick list below of a few we’ve tried, as well as notes on each one.

Galloway Porter –   –  This brew is one of Epic’s Classic series, which includes a variety of delicious options.  Galloway is a great porter with a full body and a great blend of chocolate, roasted malt, and hints of hops.  Definitely worth grabbing some to share, as the brew features an ABV of 5.4%, making it a great choice for a night spent chatting with friends about the craft beers you’ve tried.

825 State Stout – Another great craft beer from Epic, this stout offers an ABV of 6.3% and each batch has its own special story that matches up to the number on the label.  We found that to be an interesting touch for this craft brew, which made it all the better.  We love to find unique touches to a brew, so this one made it to our “try it again and check out the story” list, which hadn’t even existed before.  The brew itself had a great mouthfeel and the aroma was popping with notes of chocolate, nutty toffee, and roasty highlights.

Check out Epic Brewing and let us know your thoughts!  Remember to pop back in and leave us a comment about any of the other Epic brews you tried, as well as your impression of their locations.  We love to hear from our readers and your comment might be the reason for our next feature!  In the meantime, happy brewing from all of us here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault in South Florida.



Apr 24, 2017