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Brewing excellence: Founders Brewing Company

Our Journey

Founders Brewing Company is a name that has found some wide-spread recognition in the craft brewing industry.  They are known for their brewing excellence and we’re more than happy to talk about some of their amazing brews.  After all, they brew those great beers just for the people like us, who want to push the envelope a bit.  However, before we get to the brews themselves, let’s take a look at the company.

Founders was created by two outstanding guys with regular full-time jobs who simply wanted to get out of the rat race.  This meant a big leap of faith by both of them and we’re glad they took that jump!  The Founders Family has grown into an amazing group, with several craft beer enthusiasts involved in the business.  This has turned them into a great craft brewing company and we love the creativity they all possess.  That creativity has led them to a total of 13 medals received for their brewing excellence across the globe, a feat that cannot be scoffed at!

Backwoods Bastard Ale is a fine example of brewing excellenceFounders beer is great and here is one that shows their brewing excellence

One of our favorites from the Founders labels is Backwoods Bastard Ale.  This lovely ale features a depth of flavor that is hard to beat!  With hints of malt scotch, a whisper of bourbon barrel aged greatness, and the caramel and roasted malt smoothness we love, this ale is perfect.  The little bit of bite blends well into the treasure trove of aroma, flavor, and texture and it even pairs well with food!

Yep, we said it, this brew is great for pairing with food.  What foods?  Quite a few to be honest.  This lovely dark amber ale pairs beautifully with rich, meaty dishes like steak, pulled pork, and even Sheppard’s Pie.  If you’re more into contrast dishes, try pairing it with broccoli raab, roasted asparagus, or even braised zucchini.

The brewing excellence shows in this dark amber aleIf you’re wondering whether Founders creates brews with a decent ABV, wonder no longer because Backwoods Bastard sports a heady 11.2% ABV.  That is more than enough to justify sipping your beer slowly and enjoying the time spent with friends.  After all, what is the point in trying an outstanding brew if you are going to chug it and not remember what you tasted?  This brew will have you sipping over and over as you feel your way through the layered flavors and texture.  It really is much like a journey through the backwoods with its barrel aged hints of earth and spice.

Take a journey with Founders brews, as each one is an experience in itself.  They offer a variety of year-round, seasonal, and specialty brews that are sure to put a smile on your face.  With award winning beer coming from their brewery, they’ve earned the title of Top Class Innovators in our view and we hope they do in yours as well.






Jan 18, 2017